Thursday, March 28, 2013

PHP Jabbers

Be sure to use this program for scheduling your days' activities.

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  1. Usually I do not comment on posts and articles on the internet, but here I can't suppress my joy and satisfaction from this company.
    I am a Stivasoft customer and I have used their appointment scheduler on a few client websites. I'm very glad that I found the site because there are a lot of useful scripts and tools which I will certainly use. All PHPJabbers scripts have a nice clean interface and can be easily integrated into any website.
    Anyway, there was a time I had trouble installing their scripts but I turned for help to the StivaSoft support team. It turned out that the problem was with my hosting provider. StivaSoft guided me through every step when I was in contact with my hosting provider and helped me resolve the problem. All I can say about Stivasoft consists of 3 words: professionalsm, promptness and quality!
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