Thursday, October 12, 2017


7 Secrets to negotiation.

Negotiating price.

How to win every negoation.  Daniel Davis, whistleblower.

Hot buttons selling tutoring.  Ron Paul Curriculum.

Lower your bills.  Getting a better deal.  Iron and Bill Sardi.  Nora Zeale Hurston.

LinkedIn Essentials.  Indeed Email Marketing.  Udemy LinkedIn EssentialsBob Bly on how to use LinkedIn.

Civil War was not over slavery, Paul Craig Roberts.  Gary North, Civil War was about slavery.

Will Grigg, Scum Also Rises.  Presidential Pardon, Voxday.  Michael Ross, Retirement Accounts.

AWAI, 7 ways to attract clients.  Harriet McBryde Johnson.  Unspeakable Conversations.  Monre Unspeakable.  Johnson from No Carolina.  Rogerian argument.  Right to Life.  NYT on Johnson.  Rhetorical Strategies in Unspeakable ConversationsQ & A.  Controversial Professors. Commoratio.  Lessons on Unspeakable Converstaions.  Person of the Year.  Source of Ethos.  Sample Essays discussing Ethos.  Strategy of repetition.   Ethos, Pathos, Logos. Arguments Best Friend.

Singular reverses brain aging.  Bill Louis, If there were any victims.

Politicians run away from global warmingTom Woods and Fred Lam.

Freelancers keep customers coming back for more.  Rockwell, Vietnam War.  Teaching the Vietnam War.

Hershey residence on Grand in LA.  Paul Craig Roberts, Board of Ed.  Paul Gottfried, on Rothbard

God's Forgotten Libertarian.  War Against the Weak.  Adam Dick, Trump handling the war.

Timeline Educational Discrimination.

David Gordon Judaism, Capitalism, & Marx, 2013.

The flow in your story.  Develop a narrative flow.  Copy writing portfolio from scratch.  Narrative rhythm.

Digital Marketing specialist.  Email Marketing Mgr.  Starter Solenoid.  SAT Study Guide.  Undermining America.  HTML, CSS, and Javascript Basics.  Write Term Papers.  Expository Essay structure.  Narrative structure.  Expository Writing Skills.  Get paid to write essays.

How to Write an Expository EssayCritique of What Unions Do.  Unions are Anti-Labor.

Unions and Freedom of Association.         

Divorce Anthem.

Authentic German Liberalism.   German Liberalism.  Opportunity and Entrepreneurship.

Smart Phone Sim Cards.  Phones with no SIM Card slot.  Venezuela on the Brink.  Paul Gottfried.  Unions are anti-labor.  The union problem.  Union Myth.  Mises and Unions.  Bastiat and Unions.

Jake & Gino with Chris Voss.  Bob Bly's Methods.  7-Step Process.  Bob Bly copy methodology.

How I Write Direct Mail, Landing Pages, and Other Copywriting Projects.  

Digital Marketing Specialist.   Account Manager, Amazon Media.  Email Marketing Coordinator.  

Michael Cheney.  Godfather package.  JV Zoo Account.  JV Zoo Portal.  PRA TCS.  Project Readiness Assessment.  Project Readiness.                 

Sunday, October 8, 2017



Starting from Zero, Lam.

Facebook generates 85% of e-commerce revenue?
2008 it was all google.  Doesn’t have the same targeting aor the same ability to target exact market.  Good for specific product.  Got to let the data tell you a story.  Replicating successful products.  The creative.  How are you angling the product in the market?  The creative has to speak to the audience. 
The targeting.  Cat magazines.  Anyone that is running an emcommerce business you have to let the data. 
4 levels or 4 numbers: INDICATORS.
1.    CPR rate from the ad.
2.   CPA, cost per acquisition.
3.   CPC link.  Paying per link/click.  Number @ $1.00
4.   CPM, cost per thousand views.  Offline and online space.  every 1000 you are charged an X amount of dollars. 
1.    No inventory?  Recommends this model.  He used it back in 2008.
2.   The inventors are happy to get sales.  All you have to do is sell the products.  Amazon changing the way that people use to buy.  Image of product, description and use credit card.  
3.   Gives you access to selling millions of products without holding an inventory.
Niche based websites?  Yes or no.  General store or niche store.  Always niche stores.  Profitable on the back end.  Easier to build a relationships with customers.  Narrow down the avatar of your customers.

When you’re building the rapport you can sell more products down the line. 
All of a sudden a digital product that allows you to train a cat. 

Facebook really looks at your purchasing event.  Flex store purchase even pixel having your site all over the map confuses Facebook—not sure what you’re selling.  Algorithms confused.  Flex or general store opens front doors on your product.  Kitchenware, dog products, cat products, confuses Facebook algorithms.  Easier to test different products from different niches.  

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Affiliate Commissions for . . . 
Purity Products is 12%.

The Steps . . . are not easy.  And a lot of assumptions occur.  So let me try to lay it out for you. 

1)  You have to become an affiliate.  What that means is that you have to apply to a company.  For example, I applied to Purity Products.  The application is a step.  Take the 30 minutes to fill it out. 

2)  Once you've filled out the application and submitted it, you'll receive a confirmation email.  Be sure to respond to that confirmation email if they ask.  It usually says that they'll get back to you with a reply in 24 to 48 hours, so give it a couple of days and then check back.  

3)  You'll notice that the company you're applying to uses a 3rd party to do the application process from review to approval.  That tells you that you have to do the follow-up because the 3rd party is has little incentive to follow-up.  So you have to do that.  So follow up.  

4)  Once you get approval, then you'll be directed back to Ad Creative page and that's where you complete the process for their ad.  

5)  Amazingly, it is easier to do an affiliate ad with Amazon.  
On Amazon Commissions:

Amazon ad reports:

6)  Criteria for Affiliate programs

7)  Top 10 Health Affiliate programs.


Some Available Domains:

1)  NetGoodHealth.

Monday, September 11, 2017


from DICE

Which technology skills and certifications are in greatest demand in North America?
Industry analyst firm Robert Half recently published its 2018 salary guide (PDF), which offers an answer to that question. Among its “trending” certifications:
Agile [and here] and Scrum certifications
Skills and certifications enhance the marketability of the professionals who hold them,” read the salary guide. “In fact, employers may increase salaries 5 to 10 percent for professionals who have certain in-demand abilities.
Meanwhile, the firm’s breakdown of in-demand skills includes:
The technology industry currently enjoys low unemployment, which can make things difficult for companies on the hunt for tech pros with certain kinds of certifications and specialized skills. Some 41% of CIOs told Robert Half’s analysts that the hiring process “takes longer than they’d like,” with hiring times for staff-level positions stretching to an average of 4.5 weeks. (The firm surveyed 2,500 CIOs for its salary guide, along with 8,000 tech pros.)
On the other side of the interview table, tech pros aren’t necessarily driven by high salaries: as pointed out by a number of surveys and studies, including ones conducted by Dice, career advancement and perks are also key considerations. Some 52 percent of tech pros told Robert Half that they began conversations “around career path and growth opportunities during the interview process.”
That desperation means that many companies are willing to consider job applicants who are self-taught in particular skills and programming languages, including .NET and Java. When it comes to filling roles such as security or sysadmin, however, companies usually make certifications a requirement—and with good reason, considering the data and assets at stake.
A few weeks ago, Foote Partners LLC also conducted an analysis of the tech certifications with the best ROI; it concluded that information-security certs offered the best combination of pay premiums and market-value increases. At the top of its list:
Again, there’s an (understandable) emphasis on security and networking. If you want to work in those areas, but fear the time and expense that come with earning certifications, consider asking your boss to help foot the bill. Nearly half of companies (47%) recently surveyed by Dice and The LinuxFoundation said they would be willing to pay for employees’ open-source certifications; it stands to reason that some would write a check for non-open ones, as well.
According to Robert Half, security analysts and managers can easily pull down six-figure salaries; those involved in network maintenance and architecture command healthy paychecks, as well. With the right mix of experience and certifications, you can command that sort of money.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Lost Causes on the Right by Gary North.
Lost Causes on the Left, Gary North.

Criteria for Affiliate programs
Top 10 Health Affiliates.
Milton Friedman Unraveled, Murray Rothbard. 
Rothbard on Friedman.  Friedman on Unions.  Will Grigg @ Reformed Libertarians.
Martin Hill @  Police cannot protect our rights.
HTML cheat sheet.  
Avoid Surgical Procedures with supplements.  Gallstones.

Eye Doctor Richer.  Make yourself irreplaceable.  Career Upgrade Roadmap.  Trump's Warsaw speech.  Selling Appliances. Pasadena Jobs.
Get Top Search Engine Placement.  Dissociative Identity Disorder.  Illinois Should be dissolved.  100 Websites for Your Career.  63 Marketing Strategies. Dan Kennedy. Interrogation Techniques.

Wilkerson on Dangers of Military owning Trump.  Follow-up Interview, Before & After Letter.  Bob Bly on How to Identify an Audience.  Don't Trust Gov't Guidelines, Bill Sardi.  

Gary North, Sales Leads.

Markets Don't Concentrate Wealth.  The Myth of the Popular Will.  Paul Craig Roberts on Fake News Withdrawing from Syria.

Entry Level Email Marketing Jobs.  Internet Marketing Specialist

Government Workers don't magically become Altruists.  Freelancing hacks.  Myth & Truth About Libertarianism.

Martin Armstrong.  Charlotte Requiem.  The Wrong Narrative in Charlotte.

I'm Against Slavery.  Rescue your readers from purchase paralysis.  Boost income on proofreading services.  What proofreaders require from clients.  Happy Earner.  The James Altucher Report, $7. Evernote: Find What You Need.          

How Government invented our modern prison system.  5 Signs You're Facing Layoffs.  Lies Employers Tell Tech Candidates.  Sales Leads.

Happy Anniversary, Hate Factory.  Dubois on Robert E. Lee.  

Significance of the Civil War.   Al Gore Legislation that is killing people.

Afghanistan rooted in Israel.  Graduate School Essay.

Help with your resume?

Timing Belt replacement.

Follow-up Letters.

Capstone Project.

Profitable Businesses.

Conversational Hypnosis.

Road Arch: Roadside Architect.

Woolworth in San Diego.

Ken Livingston on Venezuela: Kill Oligarchs.

Inland Empire apts.   Economic Depressions: Causes & Cures.  Teaching Economics in High School.

Robert Welch, JBS, and William F. Buckley.  IELTS.  IELTS Exam.  Ron Paul Curriculum.  White Privilege Movement.  Combat Whiteness in Schools.

Personal statement for Grad school.

W9, IRS form.

Value Proposition Marketing.

Is hypnosis against your will illegal?

Undo Covert Hypnosis.

Payroll Specialist, $65k.

Deep State Coup?

Entry Level Freelance.

Writing an Admissions Letter for Graduate School.

Thursday, August 3, 2017


One of the questions about coding or programming has always been what to do first, which program is the most popular that might actually produce paid work.  A friend suggested the following: 
Here was his advice:  Code!  Take a crash course on web development, then work freelance from home.  Tip: Learn Angular.js and React.js, as well as all the other stuff.
Then I go to Bill Myers site and see this: 
HTML and CSS are two languages that power most web sites. But these days, most sites are not manually built using HTML and CSS. Most are coded using a scripting language like PHP to write HTML and CSS pages.
But in order to use a scripting language to generate web pages, you need to know HTML and CSS, so I recommend learning HTML and CSS first, then going on to a scripting language after that.
An alternative path is to build web sites using WordPress, and then learn CSS, HTML and PHP to customize those sites.
There are many free online courses for HTML, CSS, PHP and WordPress. You'll find them with a google search.
As your son gets better with coding, he will want to have a Windows notebook so he can install his own server, php and SQL, to test programs offline. 
I use the free WAMP (web server, Apache, MySql, and PHP), to write and text web programs on my Windows computer without needing to be online.  
So it looks like the scripting languages are what Dan's friend was talking about.  Not bad.  

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Editing Much?


Copy editing. .

Editing services

Difference v. editing & Proofreading.

Writing English.

Proofreading tests and online software.   Improve proofreading.

Mark Twain on proofreading

Proofreading skills

Edit a document according to a field of study.  

Copy Editing has 3 levels.

Editing exercises.

Friday, July 21, 2017

The promotional methods supported on Pepperjam Network include:
Be sure to check out this list.

Web Site/Content: Promoting advertisers via your own site which contains unique and original content.  [Well, my content isn't exactly original or unique.  My reviews are original.]  
Coupon/Value Proposition: Offering coupons to your audience via your site.  Start here.  Every heard of Strategyzer?  Neither have I.
Product Feed: Offering individual, specific merchant products to your audience.  [Why is it that I've never heard of Product Feed?  Woods!!!
Incentive: Offering rewards to your audience to shop your links.  Offer rewards to your audience.
Social Shopping: Promoting advertisers via shopping engine and interactions between your audience members.  Social Shopping.  Never heard about it.  Some benefits of social shopping
Paid Search: Promoting advertisers via search engine results.  Start here.
Merchant Product Review: Reviewing an advertiser’s product via blog. This seems like a lot of work.  
Comparison Shopping: Promoting via comparing different advertiser’s products.  
CPA/Sub-Affiliate Network: Promoting via an affiliatenetwork of publishers.
Pay-Per-Call: Promoting advertiser’s via referring customers to advertisers’ call centers.
Email Marketing: Promoting advertisers via email.
Loyalty: Offering users an incentive to shop your links (i.e. cashback).
Video: Promoting advertisers via video (i.e. YouTube, Twitch, etc).
Blog: Promoting advertisers via personal blog posts.
Mobile Traffic: Offering promotions to your mobile audience.
Toolbar: Offering users downloadable software.
Direct Link: Promoting advertisers via a link to the advertiser’s homepage.
Search Engine optimization (SEO): Promoting advertisers via organic search results.
eBay: Promoting advertisers using your personal eBay store.
Mobile/Tablet Application: Promoting advertisers via your company’s mobile application.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

I've seen Clara's videos before. A friend of mine relayed them to me. And I also like the idea of establishing a legacy for those in the waning years. Hell, we're all in the waning years but just don't know it. 

A forum member wrote
interesting YouTube channel. Clara is 91 years old in the first video. Her channel has 166K subscribers, her videos have had millions of views and there's even a book. Who knew that recipes from the Great Depression would be a great niche?
Video #1

The same member added
Here she is at 95 making Italian ice. "I never thought anyone would care anything about my experiences with the world but I enjoyed very much telling them to you and I hope you enjoyed listening..." 
Video #2

The great forum member noted that
Clara passed away in 2013 at 98. I think her channel has even more viewers now than when she was alive - it just keeps on getting new subscribers. How nice to leave something behind for your family and friends (and the world) that lives on when you're gone! 
Video #3

Member concluded that
Incidentally, there are people who've made a business out of helping seniors tell their stories before they go. The perfect marriage of entrepreneurship and useful social contribution, IMHO.  
And that's all, folks!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

R J Rushdoony on the New Racism.  

RJ Rushdoony & Moral Relativism.  One particular critique of moral relativism.  

Lew Rockwell on Moral Relativism.

Exodus Mandate on Public Schools.  

Sales Presentation that closes deals.  

CostCo Jobs.  CostCo jobs near Arcadia

Don't hire someone who wants money.  Oh, really?

Companies that started with little to no money.  

Zurich Insurance using robots to decide personal injury claims.  

Robo Hackers: The Dark Side of AI?

Mises: Five Articles Four.  3 Things to Remember on the 4th of July.  Gary North, "Tricked on the 4th of July."  Tom DiLorenzo, "2nd American Independence Day."

Bill Sardi on Vitamin Supplements.  Borage oil benefits.  Weight Loss and Bill Sardi.

John Whitehead on future of the U.S.

Identify your target audience.  

Tom Woods and "How to Deal with Annoying Telemarkerters." Happy Earner video series.  

Andrew Breitbart 

Audience again.  

Persuasive essays

Proofreading habits to increase productivity.
Future money trends.

John Rao on Colleges Continue to Scam Parents.    

Collapse of the Church in the U.S

63 Marketing Strategies

Fair Credit Reporting Act and what it entails.  

Employment background checks.  Best rated employment background checks.  Top 10 Reviews.  BusinessNewsDaily reviews the best background sites. 

Pattreon and Dotto Tech.  

PC Magazine, "Whatever Happened to Customer Service?"

Ultimate Guide for Beginning Coders.  

Chameleon Resumes.  Branded resumes.  Tips on branding your resume.  Pay attention to narrative voice.  

Negotiate Like an FBI Expert.  

Golden Hyde Insurance School.  Property & Casualty License. Prop. & Casu.

Chris Voss.  

Forbes' list of websites for your career.  


Gary North on Study Habits.

The Power of Habits,  Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human ____________

How Health Insurance Became Tied to Jobs.

Mr. Lucky: Tentbridge Tales.

Rose Wilder Lane.

12 Ordinary Men.  Again.  12 Angry Men.  Affilorama.  Join. Mark Ling Review.  Mark Ling

OMG Machines.  This is Mike Long's gig.  Mike Long's Affiliate Marketing

Jobs, Norwalk.

Thinking Fast and Slow.  

Books on Decision-Making.  LBE order page.  LBE, Tom Woods' link.

Bill McIntosh, Clickbank.  Benefits and Limitations to Clickbank. Clickbank.

I Dictate transcription software

Lew Rockwell's 30-Day plan.  Harry Browne's Hilldale Speech.

Earn a Living Without a Job

Planned Parenthood Brutal Century.

Brad Pitt's War Machine offers insights on command.

Donald Trump, Reckless on Syria

Fred Reed, Clash of Cultures

Create Ad Words campaign.  Keyword Planner Tool.  Use Google Trends to punch up content.  Upward Trends on Google Trends. Google Trends.

The Scott Horton Show.  William Anderson, Comrade Bernie

Commission Machine, Michael Cheney.  JV Zoo.

63 Marketing Strategies, Dan Kennedy.

Tom Woods Starter Kit

Fraud of the White Helmets, Philip Giardi.