Monday, August 7, 2017

Lost Causes on the Right by Gary North.
Lost Causes on the Left, Gary North.

Criteria for Affiliate programs
Top 10 Health Affiliates.
Milton Friedman Unraveled, Murray Rothbard. 
Rothbard on Friedman.  Friedman on Unions.  Will Grigg @ Reformed Libertarians.
Martin Hill @  Police cannot protect our rights.
HTML cheat sheet.  
Avoid Surgical Procedures with supplements.  Gallstones.

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Get Top Search Engine Placement.  Dissociative Identity Disorder.  Illinois Should be dissolved.  100 Websites for Your Career.  63 Marketing Strategies. Dan Kennedy. Interrogation Techniques.

Wilkerson on Dangers of Military owning Trump.  Follow-up Interview, Before & After Letter.  Bob Bly on How to Identify an Audience.  Don't Trust Gov't Guidelines, Bill Sardi.  

Gary North, Sales Leads.

Markets Don't Concentrate Wealth.  The Myth of the Popular Will.  Paul Craig Roberts on Fake News Withdrawing from Syria.

Entry Level Email Marketing Jobs.  Internet Marketing Specialist

Government Workers don't magically become Altruists.  Freelancing hacks.  Myth & Truth About Libertarianism.

Martin Armstrong.  Charlotte Requiem.  The Wrong Narrative in Charlotte.

I'm Against Slavery.  Rescue your readers from purchase paralysis.  Boost income on proofreading services.  What proofreaders require from clients.  Happy Earner.  The James Altucher Report, $7. Evernote: Find What You Need.          

How Government invented our modern prison system.  5 Signs You're Facing Layoffs.  Lies Employers Tell Tech Candidates.  Sales Leads.

Happy Anniversary, Hate Factory.  Dubois on Robert E. Lee.  

Significance of the Civil War.   Al Gore Legislation that is killing people.

Afghanistan rooted in Israel.  Graduate School Essay.

Help with your resume?

Timing Belt replacement.

Follow-up Letters.

Capstone Project.

Profitable Businesses.

Conversational Hypnosis.

Road Arch: Roadside Architect.

Woolworth in San Diego.

Ken Livingston on Venezuela: Kill Oligarchs.

Inland Empire apts.   Economic Depressions: Causes & Cures.  Teaching Economics in High School.

Robert Welch, JBS, and William F. Buckley.  IELTS.  IELTS Exam.  Ron Paul Curriculum.  White Privilege Movement.  Combat Whiteness in Schools.

Personal statement for Grad school.

W9, IRS form.

Value Proposition Marketing.

Is hypnosis against your will illegal?

Undo Covert Hypnosis.

Payroll Specialist, $65k.

Deep State Coup?

Entry Level Freelance.

Writing an Admissions Letter for Graduate School.

Thursday, August 3, 2017


One of the questions about coding or programming has always been what to do first, which program is the most popular that might actually produce paid work.  A friend suggested the following: 
Here was his advice:  Code!  Take a crash course on web development, then work freelance from home.  Tip: Learn Angular.js and React.js, as well as all the other stuff.
Then I go to Bill Myers site and see this: 
HTML and CSS are two languages that power most web sites. But these days, most sites are not manually built using HTML and CSS. Most are coded using a scripting language like PHP to write HTML and CSS pages.
But in order to use a scripting language to generate web pages, you need to know HTML and CSS, so I recommend learning HTML and CSS first, then going on to a scripting language after that.
An alternative path is to build web sites using WordPress, and then learn CSS, HTML and PHP to customize those sites.
There are many free online courses for HTML, CSS, PHP and WordPress. You'll find them with a google search.
As your son gets better with coding, he will want to have a Windows notebook so he can install his own server, php and SQL, to test programs offline. 
I use the free WAMP (web server, Apache, MySql, and PHP), to write and text web programs on my Windows computer without needing to be online.  
So it looks like the scripting languages are what Dan's friend was talking about.  Not bad.  

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Editing Much?


Copy editing. .

Editing services

Difference v. editing & Proofreading.

Writing English.

Proofreading tests and online software.   Improve proofreading.

Mark Twain on proofreading

Proofreading skills

Edit a document according to a field of study.  

Copy Editing has 3 levels.

Editing exercises.