Saturday, March 4, 2017

Shade text inside a table cell.

1.  Go to Design.
2.  Go to Page Background at the far right.
3.  Click on Page Borders and a window opens.
4.  In that window, click on Shading.
5.  Find the color you want and click okay.

Buy & Sell Groups for Leif on Facebook.

This is a must-watch. I think . . . . Sell your services on Facebook. Or Amazon.  At SunFrog you can 1) create custom t-shirts (and now mugs).  They've created a video training course showing you how to successfully market these products on Facebook.  Now that is awesome.  

The emphasis is on marketing t-shirts, but the concepts prevail with any and other products as well.  

The video courses are free.  Find them at Sunfrog Academy.