Monday, May 29, 2017

Background Checks

What categories are checked? 

Employers want to know what you medical history is.

Landlords want to know what your Credit score is. There is  And use for credit checks. is operated by Trans Union, one of the three credit agencies.  If you go to the site you'll see their prices for credit, eviction, and criminal reports.  

I have used For 29.95 you get a basic background check and tenant credit check. As I recall, you give them the range of credit score you will accept and they will tell you if the tenant falls within those parameters.

This is the best description I have found on what is in a background check and why they tend to be done after someone has been hired.  Crazy.

Apparently the E-Verfiy is quite popular but for whom?
Background checks involve checking biographic and biometric information provided by the individuals against a variety of databases maintained by DHS and other federal government agencies.

There is HireRight.
What shows up on a background check depends on what type of background screening is performed, and for what purposes. Below are the most common types of background checks and what they include.

Criminal Records

The following will show up on a criminal background check report if applicable:
  • Arrests
  • Convictions of felonies and misdemeanors
  • Court records (e.g. dockets, orders, decrees, judgement, etc.)
  • Warrants
  • Sex offenses
  • Incarceration records
Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)*, criminal background checks cannot contain records of civil suits or arrests after seven years. Criminal convictions stay on a person's record indefinitely, but California doesn't allow employers to see convictions more than seven years old for most jobs. 

1. Yes. Use, not .com, so you can control your traffic and domain name. 

WordPress is indexed very quickly by Google and the other 4% of search engines. It's free, and easy to use. The most difficult part of WP for me was choosing from the thousands of available free themes. 

2. In my experience you won't need a tech person for a simple site. I'm a hardware techie, not software, and I've done several WP sites. 

Since Goog owns YouTube, it indexes videos very quickly. You may want to use videos on your site, or use the images as links to videos, so when visitors click on the image they are taken to the respective vid on your YouTube channel. 

4. What is the most valuable part of any business? 
The customer list. IMO you want to begin building one asap. 

Offer a free ebook, which seems more valuable than a report, even if the report and ebook are the same length. (Yes I write ebooks and all kinds of marketing material, so consider my suggestion blatant advertising :-)

Regarding SurveillanceBook I empathize with you. It's almost a necessity these days, even if only monitored for reputation management. 

What about forums? There are forums for everything -- I've seen flashlight forums, lumberjack forums, lawnmower forums... it's fascinating the subjects people will spend time asking about and discussing. 

I know a guy who advertises ONLY in one forum, with links to his YT vids, and takes a booth at trade shows. Prior to a show he invites forum members to stop by his booth for a free item.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Gaslighting to WWII to Modern Wealth

Some references from GN's site.  

MathWorks.  If I were in the mood for math.  It must be for advanced computer systems.

Site Information Tool.  

Gaslighting.  More on gaslighting.  Above the law?  Apparently so. This is a pretty good list of gas lighting symptoms.

This is excellent.  And this here shows the cultural aspects of military warfare.  This is important because the U.S. military is treating its own citizens as enemy combatants.  What else would drive Tamara, the military cunt, to gas-light me?  I asked a few lawyers about the legality of gas-lighting.  Here are the responses I received:

A Fairfax, Virginia attorney answered:
Not a criminal offense.  Your friend might benefit from counseling to counteract the gas-lighting that he may have endured.
My friend was destroyed by the company.  What, there are no more workplace harassment suits?  Welcome to America.  

A Boulder lawyer explained that
It's not a criminal offense.  Nor is it a viable civil claim. His reason?  The facts don't rise to the level of outrageous conduct.
Another Boulder, CO lawyer explained that
Your friend needs a therapist, not a lawyer.  
Okay.  Doesn't really sound like they know what gas-lighting is.  Se la vie.  Wait!  This guy offered some practical advice; he didn't dismiss the issue outright. 
Best see a personal injury lawyer to hear story from your friend.
An injury lawyer did write 
I cannot find any law that would be directly on point, making such activity a crime.  My suggestion is that you, or better yet your friend, contact the District Attorney's office in the county that they live and speak to an investigator there and have them investigate it. It is the district attorney's office that can file criminal charges.
That is the best advice I've ever heard.  Adams County.

Well, Tamara, it looks like you won. 

Tamara made a point to ask me over a weekend, when I was relaxed and thinking about work, "Don't you think that the movies from the old days are better than today's movies?"  That was a hard question to answer because there are so many great ones from both the present and the past.  Talk about your retarded.  But her voice sounded so helpless, so crippled and stupid that it was hard for me to be critical over her stupid questions and their open-ended generality.  The generality leaves the listener a bit dumbfounded because there's nothing to sink one's teeth into, nothing to wrestle with.  But what she was doing was setting the parameters or framing the game.  The old movie to which she was referring without naming it was Gaslighting (1944), starring Ingrid Bergman. 

There was a British edition produced in 1940.

But Tamara layered the gaslighting.  Gaslighting's effect is that it makes you doubt yourself, doubt what you konw.  The sadist is laying new neuropathways in a pleasurable background--her voice, she was a female, young[er], positioned herself as a confidant, a friend, a listener.  Without these, the game would not have worked as well.  With these her recurring role of ingenue would not have been very effective.  Her lies, which were relentless even after I told her she was lying and if she could please stop, were non-stop.  

If nothing else, her game and its affects on me fertilized my curiosity, so I began searching for different military techniques. And here is what I found.  See here, here, here, and here.  There is no legal recourse to gaslighting.  See here.  Signs of GaslightingAnd no legal action against sociopaths.  How to beat a sociopath and win.  What are your options?  See here on how to teach conversation.  See here on directing conversation. See the languages taught in the military high school programs.  See the English curriculum taught in military academies

Gaslighting is nothing more than Plato's Cave or a reference to the Allegory of the Cave as it is told by Plato.  It is essentially casting images in your head that are not real but feel real.  The ethics of it remain horrific. 

Biological effects of Gas-lighting.  Biology of Hypnosis.

Transcription software programs

Doug Casey on the End of Western Civilization
Civil War was unnecessary.  
Liberty versus Democracy, Rose Lane Wilder v. Mises.
Richard Vedder, Immigration v. Entrepreneurship.
Planning for Freedom and Twelve Other Essays, Ludwig von Mises, 1952.
Gary North on Communism, Cultural Marxism, Fred Schwartz, Doug Hyde, and the end of communism
Inequality Doesn't Create Poverty, Ryan McMaken, January, 2017.
Lessons from the Vietnam War
Anne Williamsome, Don't Copy King Canute, February 2017.
Missing Old People in the Work Force.
May a Libertarian sue for libel?  Walter Block, February 2017.
Did the CIA Ruin Classical Music for the Masses?
Center for the Study of Intelligence, CSI.  Congress for Cultural Freedom, 1949-1950.
Debt Isn't the Problem: Easy-Money Policies Are the Problem, Frank Shostak, 2017.
James Comey is like a Tom Hagen to the Corleone family in the Godfather.  He's getting everybody off. 

Job, Calling, and Modern Wealth, Gary North, 2017.
How RFK Could Have Saved His Life, David Martin, 2017.
Great Depression, Mises.
WWII Did Not End the Great Depression.  
The Myth of Wartime Prosperity.
High-End Housing in the Coming Recession, Gary North, 2017.
Hyaluronic Acid for Joints and Hernia. And More.

Bill Myers, Starting From Scratch.
Here's the Kind of Novel You Can Write on Kindle.  On the Island: A Novel.  

Email Marketing.
$65k/year jobs, Denver.

HVAC Assistant

HVAC assistants help with the cleaning of the HVAC systems, and duct work. They perform duties such as furnishing tools, materials, and supplies to HVAC technicians; cleaning work areas, machines, and tools; and holding materials or tools. They may also perform other duties under the supervision of HVAC technicians.

Seeking a hard worker with a GOOD ATTITUDE who is willing to hit the ground running and wants to get their foot in the door of the HVAC trade as an air duct cleaning assistant. This position is full-time/part time, as well as weekend option.

Our ideal candidate will be excited to learn the trade, enthusiastic to show up to work on time every morning, and not afraid to get their hands dirty.

Although no experience is needed; here are some examples of skills we are looking for:

• Maintaining Equipment--Planning and doing the basic maintenance on equipment.
• Operating Equipment--Using equipment or systems.
• Thinking critically--Thinking about the pros and cons of different ways to solve a problem.
• Controlling Quality--testing how well a product or service works.
• Having face-to-face discussions
• Using your hands to handle, control, or feel objects, tools, or controls
• The importance of being accurate or exact
• Work under full supervision
To apply, please send an email explaining why you feel you would be a good match for the position and the company and include your contact information.
We will be hiring ASAP, interviews will be held this week.
Pays $120-$130 per day.

What about Contact Info?  
We are a very busy transcription service who provides daily turnaround of a high volume of high quality transcripts. We are currently looking to add one more qualified Proofreader/Editor to our Editing Team. Candidates MUST possess not only a strong command of the English language, but also a solid knowledge of proper punctuation, and be exceptionally capable of incorporating editing/client instructions into each and every document they proofread/edit. 

This is NOT a writing gig where creativity and writing experience come into play. You are not a "writer" in this position, so experience you may have with writing articles does NOT apply. This is PROOFREADING to ensure our transcriptionists have actually typed all of the words dictated correctly. 

Candidates also MUST have their own transcription software and equipment. 

This is an independent contractor/work-from-home position, so dependability is critical. Please email your resume, outlining the extent of your experience in proofreading/editing, and indicate your availability. (Our Editing Team works Monday through Friday during normal business hours.) Thanks!

Cover Letter for Marketing Coordinator.
Resume Writing Services.
Scene and Setting Generator.
Employers Spying on Workers.  Get Over It: No Privacy.
The Great California Exodus.  Here too.

Leah Roth, a Recruiting Manager.

Positions In Demand?  Real Estate Appraiser, Houston.

Take a Unique Approach to Getting Hired in the Tech Industry.

Learn WordPress.

Every Thought Captive: A Study Manual for the Defense of Christian Truth.

The Anatomy of a Google Search Results Page.

What's Left of the Old Right?  Justin Raimondo.

Fight Aging.  Hyaluronic Acid: Friend or Foe?  Heartburn Caused by Bile Acid?

The Covenantal Structure of Christian Economics, Gary North, 2017.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

IBM's Maximo

Maximo is an enterprise asset management (EAM) software solution product produced by IBM. It is a solution which enterprises use to track the operation, maintenance and disposal of assets.[1] It focuses on the following types of assets:[2][3][4]
  • Plant and production (for example oil, gas, chemicals, mining, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food, electronics and power generation[5])
  • Infrastructure (including railways, highways, telecommunications, water and wastewater, and electric and gas distribution networks)
  • Transportation (for military, airlines, trucking, shipping, rail and other use)
  • Real estate and facilities (for example, in offices, schools and hospitals)

The other software the company requires knowledge of is Workday.  

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Google's Reverse Image Search.  Use search terms.  Find the camera icon, and you'll see the dropdown menu that reads "Search by Image."  Then paste image URL.  Copy image address.