Friday, May 30, 2014

Office Depot charges $2 plus per page. Send faxes from your computer using a online fax service.

Go to their site, enter the phone number the fax will be sent to, select the document from your computer to be faxed, and send.  These online fax services offer a free service with limits to 5 faxes a month to 3 pages per fax.

Check these out:

See for more details
(H/T Bill Myers)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Not always easy to find good help on the net, but this particular video on music editing on ProShow Gold was quite good. It's easier to have patience with people who do things well.

Here is the user's guide to ProShow Gold.

                                                                             This was helpful for me to learn how to line up 2, or more, different tracks. Yay!!  The instruction for that starts at about the 4-minute mark.  Highlight the track. Click on the 2-sided arrow that points in opposite directions, and hover that arrow over the track. Then slide the track to the position that you want it. And that's it. Pretty simple once you know how.

Here is a short list of sites that list WWII songs.  Check them out.
Scripts to use in lieu of, for it looks like their site is down.

Hello and thank you.

I am trying to add a download button to YouTube videos that I visit and want to use in projects.  Am not familiar with your site at all and would like some step-by-step help in completing this.  I used

To add a download button to your YouTube videos, just add this add-on to Firefox: