Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Want to Build a WordPress Website from Scratch?


Here is are some WordPress plugins for a QR [Quick Response] Code Generator.

And here are some WordPress plugins for a QR Code Reader.

QR Codes have been around for 20 years.  Here are some comments from a forum I subscribe to:

QR codes are basically dead. No one really uses them, other than the people who sell them or pay to put them on their business cards.

On a recent edition of SharkTank, Billionaire entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said, "QR codes are a thing of the past. In a sensor-driven world, these don’t exist." 

Here's what another analyst said:

QR codes — pixelated blocks of black and white that adorn outdoor advertisements — were once thought of as the way to connect the digital and real worlds. 

To no one’s surprise, QR codes proved far too laborious to ever take off among mobile users. In order for QR codes to work, people need to have a QR scanner app already downloaded to their smartphones and then be willing to stop walking, unlock their phones, open the app and scan the QR code on the billboard they were so excited to see.

“They’re as dead as a dodo,” said Adam Buhler, DigitasLBi’s vp of creative technology. “They seemed like the holy grail, but they’re horrifically ugly. I’ve heard them described as a robot vomit.”

Others likely disagree with this assessment, but I agree with Mark Cuban. QR codes are dead.

One subscriber stated:

We work with the ____ Dept of Economic Development and create QR codes for cities and businesses across the state.  The purpose is to place them where tourists can scan and see a specific video or audio rather than going to a full website and having to navigate through it.  This way they get what they want immediately.  

This is how QR Codes were hoped to be used in markets around the world.  They are being used in some places, like in government services. 

Add a Click-to-Call Button to Your Mobile Website

Thursday, January 23, 2014

What Is Wrong With Facebook?

Bill Myers on How to Add a 'click to call' button to you web pages for mobile browsers

If you want to make it easy for those who visit your web site using their mobile phones to call your business with a single touch of a button, here's the simple trick to making it happen
If you have a smart-phone and use it to surf the web, you've probably seen web sites that have phone numbers on them that are highlighted like a regular link.
If you click the highlighted number, your phone instantly dials the number.
This feature is useful for the kinds of web businesses who attract mobile customers - ie pizza shops, tow services, retail stores, etc.
Adding a 'click to dial' link to a web page is amazingly easy. All it takes is a bit of html.
Here's all you need to know.
To create a link that when clicked on a mobile phone calls a specific phone number, use the following format.
<a href="tel:5551234567">Call (555)123-4567</a>
The above code will look like this on a mobile phone:
Call (555)123-4567
If clicked on within a phone browser, the phone will input the number and ask if you want to call.
But what if you include this on your web page and someone visits without a mobile browser?
In that case, should they click the link, nothing will happen. And for that reason, you'll probably want to hide the click to call link.
To do that, use the following code:
<style type="text/css">
.handheldOnly {visibility:hidden;}
<a href="tel:5551234567" class="handheldonly">Call (555)123-4567</a>
 The above code will result in this:
Nothing shows on your web browser, right?
And that's exactly what you want to happen.
So the secret to having a click-to-dial button on mobile browsers is simple. Just add the code shown above.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Curation Sources

How to Fix Font Background Color In Blogger When All Else Fails

Click Edit your Blog Post > Click HTML > press Ctrl + F (to Find background-color 

Then type the find box "background-color" OR "(your Highlighting Color Name" example "white") whitout (" ") 

note : Make sure : like this " span style=background-color: white; 

Rename your color "none" 

example : span style=background-color: none; 


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Design a Logo Fast

Helpful video from John McWade.  You can find more of his videos here.