Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June-Ending Agenda

Sell T-Shirts online @ Amazon.  Get'r done here.  Facebook ads are worth it. 

Happy Earner Resources

God Said Multiply, and Did She Ever!

Do you really need a college degree for that Entry-Level job? 

A Tenured Professor Finds Himself Selling Plasmas--His Own

Liz Ryan, Great Advice on Job Interviewing

Trump & Ukraine President, Petro Poroshenko

Peter Breggin's books.  Breggin on Hypnosis?  Not much

Undo Destructive Hypnosis.

Gaslighting: Slow-burning emotional abuse.  

FDR's Biggest Mistakes During the Depression.  Failures of the New Deal.  Boy, are there many!!!  Reliving the Crash of '29, Murray Rothbard.  Timeline on the New Deal.  John T. Flynn and the Myth of FDR, Ralph Raico

Native American Reservations: Socialist Archipelago.  Petroleum Pork, Tom Di Lorenzo.  Hollywood v. Selected Religions, Gary North.  Trump launches strike on Syria.  Reese Erlich and the Syrian gas attack? Scott Horton.  Our Rush to War in Syria.  What's really behind the recent Syrian attacks and the build up to war with Russia?

Man-bun Ken doll and . . . 

10 Surprising Ways to Get Your Way in a Negotiation.  

10 Surprising Ways to Get Your Way in a Negotation
1.  Calm Your Mind.
2.  Check Your Listening Skills.
3.  Handle the Yes Trap.
4.  Understand the value of NO.
5.  Put an end to yelling and shouting
6.  Turn the Mirror on Bluffers.
7.  Don’t Be Afraid of Sorry.
8.  Embrace and Appreciate the Gray Area.
9.  Know How Far to Push.
10.  Try the Oprah Rule.
. . . cardinal rule of the show was to always make sure every guest left feeling happy, valued, and respected. When people take parting shots, or have to have the last word (negative) after someone else has had their last word (negative), it seeds the next conversation with negativity."  Therefore, end a conversation on a high note even if the other party neglects that, deliberately refuses to do that, or sabotages the entire conversation somehow. 
Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Kelly P @ Wyzant.
Apathy & Dr. Peter Breggin.
Passion is missing in goal-setting.  
Emotional Conviction in goal-setting
Job Boards
Why you need a niche.
Assaults from CL
BLS & Sales
Gig economy & BLS.
What's driving the gig economy?
Gig economy is freelancing economy.  In other words, it's the no longer a pension available economy.  What is the gig economy?
"A Wide World of Winless War," Ron Unz, June 2017.
Operations Supervisor, UPS.
North Korea critiques China on nuclear weapons.
Mark Ling's affilorama.
NYT makes case for killing children in Yemen.  Huh.
Politico on Otto Warmbier.  It started with this Zero Hedge article on irreversible denucleariztion.
Best sellers in job hunting
Liz Ryan here, here, here, and here and on salary.  And remaking yourself.
What value do you put on training?
Tech jobs boards.
Sales Trainer, DC, that's Washington, DC.  $100k.
63 Marketing Strategies.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Market Research with Google Trends

1.  Hallaminternet.  Excellent article.  Review it often!

Happy Earner.

63 Killer Marketing Strategies.


Niches with high margins.

Most expensive items to sell on eBay.

7-Figure franchise.

Google Trends.

Commission Machine.
Route Driver, Monrovia, $50k.  Route Sales, LA.  UHaul Transfer Driver.

Do your own background check.

Entry Level Pest Control.

Changing Minds.

The effects of warm interaction.  Job Club Tool Kit.

Communication Research.   Health care means redistribution.  Develop a better work ethic.  Civil Rights and Statism, Tom Woods.  History of Liberty.  Brown v. Board of Ed.  Ralph Raico, TRuman: Criminal in Chief.  Marcus Epstein on Hazing.  Letters of Note.


Mind control.  Barbarians at the Educational Gate.  Zora Neal Hurston on races.  Airforce secret op.

Reversing the effects.  Liberation theology.

Corbett Report, Psy Ops.  Price fixing ancient rome.

Watergate.  Yankees, Cowboys, and the Bush Dynasty.

Tim Ferris faces fears on TED.

45th anniversary Watergate.

Paul Offit on Rachel Carlson.  Gaslighting.

Gary North Unholy Spirits.

Cancer Cure from Japan.

College degrees becoming useless.

What's Trending.

Make one change for retirement savings.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Well, I went to the Adams County Administration Building.  Not to the DA's Office, not to Dave Young's Office proper, but to the adjacent building called the 17th District's Self-Help Center of the Adams County Clerk of Courts or the Colorado Judicial Branch in Adams County.  This court covers Broomfield County and Adams County.  As per usual, I had to empty my pockets and remove my belt (seemed like only men had to remove pieces of clothing but that's just me).  I stopped at the Information Desk, a white-haired, pleasant gentleman who could really seem to help me.  True, I did not share any details of my case, so that did make it hard for him to direct me to the proper office or window. Anyway, he directed me to the Civil Window #8. Civil Cases means that one is seeking monetary damages separate from criminal charges.  The pleasant attendant directed me to the Self-Help Window just around the corner.  And it's there where I received a couple of pages of handouts.  Helpful, but just more bureaucratic lines to wait in.  And I still don't know who to talk to.  She did suggest I talk to Channel 9, to a guy by the name of Tom Martino.  That's right--a television station.  What are they going to do, broadcast details of my life and of any possible or pending case that I might have and take the side of Tam, Lor, Man, Hob as they throw me under the proverbial bus? But the Self-Help clerk was helpful too.  She suggested that I contact Tom Martino at Channel 9.

I was in the 17th District's Self-Help Center of the Adams County Clerk of Courts.  What a title.  How can anyone sort anything out. Then there are no photos of the building online that match my picture of the place.  The sheet containing the legal directory did have an opening statement, "The 17th Judicial District Self-Help Resouce Center has complied a list of attorneys willing to offer services for those with modest means."  Meaning what exactly--any means left to drain your pittance of a savings account?  It means that a person's financial situation will be considered when legal fees are assessed for a particular service case.  It states that the lawyers in the list are not.  The Dept. does not guarantee the quality of the lawyer.  Ah, perfect.  Nor does the Dept. "examine or warrant any of the information provided by these lawyers."  In other words, no quality assurance.  The Dept. will not be liable.  Of course not.  I can find information on any of the listed attorneys at this site:  Or try this site:

And if those sites don't work, then the Dept. redirects me to the Denver Bar Association.  Good to see the buck continues to be passed.  

The Self-Help gal offered a few other sites.  
1.  The Colorado Bar Association.  
2.  Dept. of Labor/Employment.  File a complaint.
3.  Colorado Dept. of Labor @ 303-318-8441.  

And so the rabbit hole opens . . . . 

Colorado Legal Services . . . . . . . . . .  303-837-1313.
D. U. Student Lawyer Program . . . . .  303-871-6140.
Channel 9 Television Station . . . . . . .  303-698-0999.
Channel 4 Television Station . . . . . . .  303-831-HELP (4357)
Landlord/Tenants Mediation . . . . . . .  303-831-1935.

Colorado Legal Services
Colorado Bar Association
Colorado Criminal Defense Bar
Lawyer by Design.  Well, the URL they gave me, is defunct.  I Googled it and found a few related sites.  See here
Child Support Information
Information for Fathers
Colorado Divorce Book, Offices of Stephen J. Harhai?  

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Niches, bitches!

1.  Electronics on Amazon:
     a.  Echo Dot, $40.
     b.  Fire TV Stick with Alexa, $40
     c.  Amazon Echo, $140.
     d.  Senso Blue Tooth Headphone, $37.
     e.  Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader, $100.
     f.  Amazon Echo White, $140.
     g.  GoPro Hero 5, $350.

2.  There is always collectibles on eBay.  
     a.  Hotlister tells us what is selling on eBay.
     b.  BidNapper gets you the bids.  

Legal Advice Sites

1) seems like the best.  First, it's free.  But in terms of a response, I'll have to wait and see.  

2) says it's free.  You do get to talk online with an assistant for free before she turns you over to a paid page where a lawyer will reply . . . like I said for a fee.  The fee they were going to charge me was $31 plus a $5 refundable fee, for what God only knows. does have a forum.  I cannot tell on the face of it how free it is.  It requires you to register.  And I don't know if that is free or not.  

3)  There is another site called  Problem with this is that your email is a requisite, so if you're trying to get legal answers to questions first and then go over a lawyer with the costs, this is not that helpful because they're asking for too much up front.  

4)  Then there is the American Bar site at  The first field you have to enter is the state in which you  live.  I did that.  I received a reply that said "The state you chose is not available."  So nothing works online.  The American Bar Association must be working overtime to keep effective legal sites from becoming serviceable. 

5)  Then there is Ask a Lawyer at  Let's see how this pans out.  This site, too, requires you to submit an email.  I did that and I received an email confirmation that I am skittish to answer.  

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Harassment lawyers, Denver.  

1.  Try HKM.  I've called them before but didn't get much feedback; in fact, none at all.  
2.  Miller & Steiert.
3.  And more.  Go through each one.  Good luck. 

The state [of Colorado] recently amended the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA) by passing the Sexual Orientation Employment Discrimination Act (SOEDA).  CADA now prohibits discrimination based on a person's sexual orientation, religion, disability, race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin or ancestry.  

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Here’s what makes it good:
(1) It’s something lots of people need. Anyone trying to make a living online will be interested in things like (a) attracting website traffic, (b) getting websites designed, (c) getting websites hosted, (d) getting graphics designed without breaking the bank, (e) social media marketing, (f) building an email list, (g) how to write copy that sells, (h) creating landing pages, and (i) plain old “how do I earn money online?” The products you promote will help people solve those problems.
(2) It’s really easy to be an affiliate in this niche. (In other words, it’s easy to find other people’s products you can promote and earn a commission.) There are tons of products launching all the time, they’re all looking for affiliates to help promote them. The affiliate payment is much more generous than with physical products: usually 50%, but sometimes as much as 100%.
(3) These products generally have some form of scarcity attached to them: either they come off the market altogether after a certain amount of time, or their price rises after the initial launch. It is much, much easier to make a sale when the customer knows there’s a chance of missing out.
(4) There are some jerks in this industry, so you’ll stand out just by being a decent person.
There are other reasons, too. I don’t know of any industry that has something like Michael Cheney’s 7-Figure Franchise, which he launched early this year. I’ve had tremendous success with it. I cannot get over how brilliant the logic of it is.
Michael Cheney is one of the most successful affiliate marketers in the world. Anyone in his right mind wants Michael promoting his products. I have earned a small fortune promoting products using Michael’s method.
Toward the end of March I promoted one of Michael’s products — The Commission Machine — to the smaller of my two email lists. This is a very inexpensive but exceptionally valuable product. As you’ll see if you buy it, it lays out the exact strategy I myself use for successful affiliate promotions: where to find products, how to make sales, how not to bore your prospects to death (as so many affiliates do), and a lot more.
As a member of Michael’s 7-Figure Franchise, I earn 100% commissions on all his products. So every cent of those sales went directly to me. When people buy his upsells, all that money also goes to me.
Once people enter their email addresses on Michael’s landing page, the fun really starts. They get placed into an 8-week email sequence in which, in his usual entertaining style, Michael pitches them on all his products. I also earn 100% commissions on every one of those sales.
So once I send traffic to Michael’s page, all I have to do is sit back and wait. Michael’s email sequences do all the work.
And if someone buys one of Michael’s high-ticket, back-end products, I earn a $1000 commission.
This has worked so well for me that a few weeks ago I revamped my Happy Earner email list so that all the new people who join it are automatically taken through a 7-day email sequence promoting The Commission Machine before they start receiving my regular emails.
It’s been just under six weeks since I sent out that week’s worth of emails, and it’s earned me $17,501.88.
The money in this niche is ridiculous. If people knew, they’d be shocked.
So if it’s plain old dough you want, you should at least look into it. Suppose you managed to build an email list of 1000 people (which is totally doable). That’s a little more than one-sixth the size of my (quite modest) list when I started that Cheney campaign. Would you be satisfied with one-sixth of $17,501.88 after a week’s worth of emails?
Don’t do anything you don’t want to do, but I’m just telling you: I’m in the middle of this pool, and the water’s great. Particularly this water.
Today is the last day I’m offering my video series on how to run an effective YouTube channel as a free bonus when you pick up Kevin Fahey’s truly indispensable IM Video Masters course. That course teaches you everything: it assumes no prior knowledge and takes you from equipment selection all the way through editing and more. You will need it someday.
You probably need it now.
Copy and paste your receipt into my contact page, and the bonus is yours.
Grab before midnight strikes:
So if you watch the first video that I made myself on my YouTube channel, you’ll see it’s a mess: the lighting is wrong, it’s pixelated, awful.
Bad video is slightly better than no video, but ugh.
For months afterward, I struggled to get the lighting right. The lighting is all over the place in my early videos.
A professional-looking video gives you instant credibility. A lousy one does the opposite.
And man, can it bring in traffic: I got maybe 12,000-15,000 downloads of my eBook on Bernie Sanders, but over 56,000 views of a short, simple video about him.
And Facebook loves video.
But it’s scary, it seems impossible, and you don’t know where to begin. Yet at some point you will have to figure this out. It WILL generate more traffic for you, and that means more dough — sometimes a lot more.
Don’t wait until the AP is dragging your name through the mud all over the country.
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