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from Bill

You know how on TV shows the computer nerd is always able to discover the secret passwords on a computer needed to save the world just by inserting a USB stick into the back of the villians computer?

Well, you actually can do just that. 

You can take a USB thumbdrive, add several free programs, and set it so that by simply inserting the thumb drive into a USB port on any computer, you can quickly pull off all the passwords saved on that computer.

To see how to do this, check out the article at

After you see how easy it can be to build a password stealing thumbdrive, you'll know why never want to let someone gain access to your computer - not even for a few minutes.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Skip MacGrath's Top 99 Wholesale Sources for Amazon & eBay Sellers.

Read all of the information very carefully before
deciding to purchase from any of the vendors listed.

There are thousands of wholesale sources available today on the web, but the sources listed below are, in my opinion, some of the most accessible and easiest to deal with for small online sellers. Most of the sources listed below are reliable dealers and large established companies that have been in business many years.

I know you are anxious to start accessing these wholesale sources, but please take a few minutes to read the information below before you start.

I have been an eBay Power Seller since 1999 and have been selling on Amazon since 2007.   I have personally used many of the sources below, and other sellers have recommended the others to me.  Some are better than others but between the sources listed below, you can find thousands of products to sell profitably on eBay and other auction sites.

One of the things I have tried to do is find small niche suppliers, as I am big believer in niche marketing for the small online seller.

If you are not happy with your purchase or the information provided, please remember that this product comes with a money-back guarantee. I hope you will be pleased with your purchase, but we don't want anyone to be unhappy, so we are glad to process refunds when requested.

Just in case you cannot find what you are looking for from these sources, as a FREE BONUS, I have provided links to several powerful Wholesale Search Engines. These three search engines can find the manufacturer and/or the wholesale distributor for almost any product category.

I often get emails from people who complain that I did not provide the wholesale source for Dell Computers, Nikon Cameras, Sony DVD players, Apple iPods, Channel #5 Cologne, Rolex watches and other famous brand merchandise. The truth is that you can buy these products wholesale, if you can purchase in large quantities, if you have brick & mortar store and/or if you already have a large successful online shopping web site. But these companies will not deal with small sellers.

When you see Rolex watches selling on eBay, a seller who owns a jewelry store is usually selling them. Platinum and Titanium PowerSellers who carry hundreds of thousands of dollars of inventory are selling the latest consumer electronics. This is possible because they can buy in huge quantities –usually by the truckload.

You will often see drop shipping web sites claiming you can join their program and access these famous name products. Once you join, you can access the products --but then you discover your cost is as high as they are selling for on eBay.  Obviously you can't make any money this way.

The one way you can make money with famous brand name products is to buy from closeout and surplus dealers who are selling overstock merchandise such as last year's models and so on. I have listed several of these suppliers below. If you bought this guide expecting to be able to buy new famous name brand merchandise and are disappointed --I understand and would be happy to refund your money --rather than lie to you and get your hopes up by supplying phony sources.

How can I make money with this information?
The sources listed below supply retail storeowners, eBay power sellers, and thousands of flea market dealers. The easiest way to make money with these products is to learn to sell on eBay. CLICK HERE to read about the best selling guide to selling on eBay.

Many eBay sellers have expanded to selling on Amazon while others also set up a web site. So, here is a link to the Proven Amazon Course that I worked with Jim Cockrum to develop.

My favorite website builder is from a company called Site Build It.  Site Build It is a complete system for building a website from scratch that does not require any technical skills. If you can point, click and type you can have a website up and running within a couple of hours. But the best news is that Site Build It comes with full training and 24/7 support to show you not only how to set up your site but how to market it and start making money with it.  If you would prefer to have someone do the work for you, Site Build It also offers that complete service.

Flea markets are another way to make scads of money with these products. Everyone has walked through a flea market at one time or another. When you see the dealers with two or three tables and all sorts of mixed merchandise selling stuff for pennies on the dollar -- you are seeing a real pro. One of my friends makes over $300,000 a year selling at flea markets. He and his wife work 30 weekends a year from spring to fall and spend the winter at their beautiful condo in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. If you would like a free directory of active flea markets in your area, clickhere.  Collectors.Org also lists a directory for major markets and antique shows at:

There is far more to buying wholesale than just having a list of sources
I have published the Wholesale Buying System (WBS) since 1999. The WBS is continually updated and is the leading wholesale manual for eBay professional sellers. Over 12,000 copies have been sold. The manual includes access to a members-only web site where new wholesale sources are listed and updated quarterly. Click Here to read about this exciting publication for professional eBay sellers.

Will I need anything special to deal with these companies?
You will need a state sales-tax number (or a state use-tax number for states that do not charge sales tax) and a commercial checking account to do business with most (but not all) of the companies listed on this site. Don't panic! It is very easy and inexpensive to get a state sales tax number.

Click on the State Sales Tax navigation link at the bottom of this page. This will take you to a web site where you can link to an on-line application (or download a paper application) for almost all states in the US. Fees range from as low as $10 to apply to as high as $200 in a few states.

Usually once you register for a tax number, you can also register a business name at the same time. In our state, this costs $5.00 for each name you register. You should register a generic sounding name rather than a specialized name if you want to buy all types of goods. If you register a name such as Sally's Designer Clothes this is great for buying clothes -- but could be a problem if you want to later buy electronics. A generic name such as Online Marketing Specialists will allow you to purchase almost anything.

Once you have registered a business name, walk into any bank with your documents and you can open a commercial checking account with business name printed on your checks—usually with as little as $100.

Useful Terminology
You need to be aware of some of the common terms used by wholesale companies. A term such as overstock or surplus describes merchandise that did not sell. Stores are always receiving new merchandise and they need to make room for it. Leftover merchandise is first put on a Sale Table. After a week or two, anything left is offered to the various liquidators and closeout dealers. This merchandise is often referred to as "shelf pulls."

Returns are items that have been returned by a customer. Sometimes the merchandise is fine. For example someone may return a gift that was the wrong size or color. But, this category also includes warranty returns. You should be very careful about buying returns, unless you can inspect them (very unlikely) or you are skilled at fixing or repairing them. Returns are usually the cheapest goods you will find -- I have seen pricing as low as ten cents on the retail dollar.

Remanufactured items are goods that were returned to the manufacturer for warranty. They are rebuilt or repaired and run through the manufacturer's quality control system and then re-boxed. These can be great items to sell because they usually come with the full manufacturer's warranty.

Seconds are items of merchandise that usually have a small cosmetic flaw. I recently purchased a set of 500 Poker Chips in a beautiful brushed aluminum case. The case had a small ding on one corner. The set normally retails for $195. I bought it from a wholesale dealer as a "second" for $37.00 and sold it on eBay "As is" for $79.

Sometimes seconds are items that are perfect, but the box or package is damaged. When buying clothing Seconds are sometimes items with the wrong size tag. I recently purchased a lot of outdoor clothing from Outdoor Research that were all brand new with tag, but miss-marked as to the size. One way to find seconds is to call a manufacturer and ask for the purchasing department. When you speak with them, just ask if they have any seconds to sell.

You will often see the term Keystone. This means the product has the ability to sell if you double the price.

To the trade is a term that means a company only sells wholesale to resellers and not directly to the general public.

STOP: Please read this first: Some of these websites are either retail websites, or the actual wholesale website, but without pricing.  Some of these websites have an online form to register. Others require you to contact them first to get wholesale pricing.  If you don’t see a link to the wholesale information, or to register, just use the Contact form on the website to contact them.  I suggest an email that goes something like this:

Dear Sirs:
I am interested in carrying your products for resale. Would you please send me a catalog and price sheet of your products including detail on minimum opening order and typical order delivery times?  I have included my business information below.

Thank you,
Your name
Company name
Your State Sales Tax ID # _________
Street address
City, state, zip
Telephone  ___________________
Fax  ___________________________

A polite email like this will usually get results. None of the companies I mention here should refuse to work with online sellers.

Now you are ready to do business!

The Top 99 Niche Wholesale Sources
1.  California International Sales is a Distributor of new, recondition and refurbished, Panasonic, Casio, Olympus and Polaroid cameras and consumer electronics including home theater systems. And they offer a drop-shipping program for items with a selling price over $50.

2. Government is the official web based auction site for the Department of Defense.

3. CWR Electronics also sells directly in fairly small quantities and operates a drop ship program. They sell all of the hot GPS products as well as marine electronics and communications equipment. As with Petra you will have to fill out an application first, but they do work with eBay and web site sellers.

Drop Shipping Supplier: Three Kinds of Drop Shippers

1. Aggregators - these includes companies like DOBA, Salehoo, Mahibay, NetSropshipper, Simplx and many more. They have virtual warehouses, which means they usually stock nothing and buy from a distributor when you place an order. It is very difficult to make money with these sources and I don't recommend you waste your time.

2. Distributors and Manufacturers Reps - these are companies that work directly for a manufacturer and will often drop ship their products at wholesale prices that are slightly higher than quantity wholesale but still low enough that you can make a profit.  Some of them such as Trademark Commerce are actually liquidation and surplus dealers who are drop shipping goods from their warehouse.  The difference between these companies and Aggregators is that they actually have warehouses full of merchandise.

3. Manufacturers - There are thousands of actual manufacturers who will drop ship. Typically drop shipped products from manufacturers tend to be those that are large or expensive. There is no point for a manufacturer to drop ship a ten-dollar product. But when you find a manufacturer who drop ships this is where you will get the absolute best prices.

Let's start with number 1 - Aggregators. There are dozens of drop shipping aggregators on the web, but most are fly-by-night companies, some are outright scams and most of them sell at prices that are too high to profit on eBay or Amazon. I will not tell you not to use these companies --but I don't recommend it or endorse any one in this category --certainly not the ones mentioned above. I have done so in the past and it has brought me nothing but grief and complaints.

So let's look at drop shippers in the number 2 and 3 category: Distributors and actual manufacturers.

Here are some companies that will drop ship a variety of both specialized niche products as well as some popular consumer products.

All of the companies listed below have a drop-shipping program, but the details are often not listed on their web site. If you don't see anything on the web site about drop shipping, email them and ask for the details. Several --but not all, of these companies will ask you to register and fill out a form before they will give you pricing. You should do this. It can take a day or two to get registered, but it is usually worth it.

4. Petra Industries is a large wholesale distributor of consumer electronics and is used by some top eBay PowerSellers. They sell directly and they also have a drop ship program. The web site only shows the retail prices until you register. When you go to the site, you will have to download the information and reseller forms, fill them out and fax them back to the company to get access to the wholesale prices.

5. Thunderball Marketing is a large distributor of electronic audio, video and photographic equipment. They have been in business since 1985 and will work with eBay sellers. You will have to fill out an application and fax it to them.

6. Aimco USA is a manufacturer of power generators, power tools, portable air conditioners, battery chargers and jump starters and even barbeque grills.  The products are made in China, but are warehoused here in the USA. I am working with the company to set up a drop shipping agreement for my readers. Right now they charge a $40 dropshipping fee, but I should be able to negotiate that down to $20.  That may sound like a lot, but if you are selling a $400 item that costs you $200 it still leaves plenty of room for profit.
These are great products to sell as they have high price points and great margins.  You may think that off-brand products such as these do not sell well and you would be wrong.  This company sells thousands of units per year in the US.  As for quality, think generic brand.  This company manufacturers these same products in the same factory for several name brand products you would recognize if they could tell you.

7. Green Supply is a large distributor of hunting and camping accessories (except guns). You have to contact them through the web site to set up an account before you can get the wholesale pricing --but their pricing is very good and they will drop ship their more expensive products.

9. Mimo USA Manufacturer and Distributor and a Wholesale DropShipper of Aftermarket car parts and accessories like Dash Trim Kits, HID kits, Floor Mats, Fenders, Hoods, Body Kits, Eyelids, Pillars and more.

10. Vitamin Power is a wholesale distributor and drop shipper of vitamins. They are a straightforward distributor --not a MLM company like many others.

11. Bridgecraft USA is a drop shipper of musical instruments.  They have been supplying eBay and Amazon sellers for the past 8 years.  Not all of their instruments are priced well enough to sell on eBay but many of them are.

12. Cutting Edge Products sells and drop ships security products, gifts and electronics.

13. Trademark Poker sells a wide line of poker supplies, slot machines and other gaming supplies. They will sell wholesale in bulk or drop ship for you.  They don’t mention drop shipping on their web site but they will give you information if you email them through the contact form.

14. Trademark Commerce is a sister site to Trademark Poker.  They sell a wide variety of items that they dropship.  You do have to be careful though, as a lot of the items they sell are too pricy to sell on eBay but they also have lots of products that are OK –so just be selective.
WorldWide Brands

This one is not an actual wholesale source, which is why I haven’t numbered it as one of my sources. But Worldwide Brands is a way to find real wholesale sources for thousands of products that you can actually sell on eBay, Amazon or your web site at prices where you can make a profit. You are probably saying to your self right now --"I paid for wholesale sources --not for information where I can sign up to pay for more sources."
I don't blame you--But hear me out.  This is a really good service that you should consider. And, I am not counting it as one of the 99-sources you were promised.

As we pointed out above, the best prices are always available from manufacturers who drop ship.

It is not well known, but thousands of manufacturers will actually drop ship for you. WorldWide Brands (WWB) is not actually a wholesale supplier. They offer a service that connects you with wholesalers and drop shippers that have been pre-screened.  Each of the companies listed in WWB has been contacted by telephone and agreed to drop ship or sell to eBay sellers.

WorldWide Brands (WWB) charges a fee for this information, but it is well worth it. They are the only supplier of wholesale information actually approved by eBay. My company, The Auction Seller's Resource and WorldWide Brands are the only two eBay Information companies who were allowed to exhibit at eBay Live.

If you don't want to purchase this information, there is a way you can find manufacturers who will drop ship for free.

Go to  This is the home of The Thomas Register, the largest database of manufacturers in the US and Canada. You will see category listings on the home page --just select one and start entering products you are looking for into the search box. Hint --you will find most of the products you are interested in, in the "Other" category. I have found companies this way. Although it is free --frankly it is a lot of work. The fee charged by WorldWide Brands will save you hours of work and all of the people you contact will be willing to work with you.

Click here to learn more about WWB. This is a link that will give you a $20 discount on their service.  Click on the Video button to learn more about the program.

So back to our sources:
15.  Border Leather is an actual manufacturer of leather goods including both apparel and accessories. These are not the cheap $17 leather jackets you see selling on eBay. Border Leather makes several qualities of product form average to excellent. They have a great line of motorcycle leathers and saddlebags that sell extremely well on eBay at a very nice markup.

16. B2B is famous for buying all sorts of consumer products quite cheaply. Personally next to eBay it is one of my favorite places to shop. What most people don't know is that they have a special area where they list wholesale bulk products. It's called Overstock B2B. They have several categories of merchandise including housewares, garden accessories, tools, toys, apparel and more. They recently added a large electronics section.

You have to search and be a little picky - not all of the merchandise is easily resalable on eBay, but plenty of it is. I bought a box of 30 folding barbeque grills for $86 + $17 shipping, total $103, which worked out to $3.43 each. I sold about half of them on eBay for $12 each and the rest on my web site for $14.95.

Don't overlook this site. Some of the largest power sellers on eBay source merchandise from Overstock B2B.

Clothing & Apparel Suppliers
Clothing is a big seller on eBay and Amazon and it is still possible to buy name-brand clothes from a number of sources at prices good enough to resell on eBay.

17Jazame Shoes is an importer and wholesaler of Men's Italian Style Dress & Casual Shoes. They carry a large selection of Designer Inspired Sunglasses & Handbags that are hard to find.
18Children's Wholesale is a good supplier of children's clothing and is used by a number of eBay sellers.
19Seven Wholesale Sells wholesale clothing apparel for men, women and kids - street wear, urban wear, Sean john, Rocawear, Makaveli, Enyce, Akademiks, Ecko, and Baby Phat. Call us today for pricing info.
20Old Guys Rule is a hugely popular line of T-shirts among older men and are used as gifts. They are big sellers around Fathers Day and at Christmas time. Their minimum order is 24 shirts total and 6 pieces of any one design.
21Z. S. ACCESSORIES is a wholesaler of fine garments, undergarments and accessories, for men, ladies and children. Their collection includes, underwear, lingerie, hosiery, leggings, thermals, slippers. Their items can be found in many department stores nationwide.
22.  The Yelete Group is a fashion company that sells a really neat line of fashion hosiery, leggings, arm and leg warmers, toe socks, fishnet and men’s and ladies’ colorful dress socks.
23Creative Eyewear, Inc. sells a really great line of high fashion sunglasses, readers and fashion accessories.
24Buzzy Gear is an Australian Clothing company that makes unique men's and women's fashions. You will have to email them for wholesale information.

Jewelry & Watches
25The Silver Source is one of the largest and most reliable source of jewelry on the web. They have been supplying flea market dealers and jewelry stores for over 20 years and eBay sellers since 1998. They literally have thousands of styles of almost any type of jewelry -- rings, pendants, necklaces, toe rings and more. Sterling silver rings start at under $2.00 each. The minimum order is $100. is a wholesale supplier of watches, clocks, Wholesale Casio, Fossil, Kenneth Cole, Acuet, Bulova, Quemex. Supplier to Retail Stores, online sellers and Jewelry Stores.
27. The Silver Jewelry Depot sells wholesale sterling silver jewelry at low prices. They sell beads, bracelets, chains, earrings, pendants, necklaces and other sterling silver jewelry pieces.
28Natural Beauty Jewelry sells a collection of beautiful and elegant handmade designer jewelry. Sets include freshwater pearls and sterling silver in addition to a wide selection of natural gemstones - jade, turquoise, amber, amethyst, aquamarine and more. All are handcrafted with the highest quality materials.
29Wholesale Silver Jewelry for small businesses. All jewelry is handcrafted, made with real gemstones and 100% guaranteed. USA shipping just $6, worldwide shipping $15.
30Killerbeads has been providing retailers around the world with the hottest trends available in the youth market. They are a family company with a profitable line of innovative jewelry, accessory, gift & incense programs.
31Alamode Fashion Jewelry sells a large line of over 7000 products from sterling silver, rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, brooches and charms. They are known for providing a wide range of quality jewelry at affordable prices.
32Cracco Jewelry is handmade in Brazil and has been on the market for 30 years. The company carries between 5,000 and 10,000 different jewelry designs, including bracelets, earrings, pendants and necklaces, for children, teens, ladies and men.
33Accessory Wholesale is an extensive source for Wholesale Fashion Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Tiaras, Rhinestone and Bridal Jewelry, Bracelets, Pendants, Earrings, Hats and Mardi Gras Accessories.
34Design Time Watch, Inc. sells several lines of watches from fashion watches priced below $50 to the beautiful Giorgio Milano series of watches that sell for around $500.  Here are some photos of a few of the watches they sell.
35.  The A1 Watch Co. of New York is a manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler of fashion watches.

General Merchandise
36. Buy For Less Inc. is a dealer in surplus and factory refurbished electronics including MP3 and MP4 players, PDAs, DVD players, digital cameras, camcorders, cordless phones and more. Their quantities vary from 10 each to 50 each. Factory refurbished electronics usually come with a 90-day manufacturers warranty. Some products have the price listed, while on others you will need to request at quote. Contact them to get a quote at: Phone: 303-534-7100, Fax: 303-942-3666.
37Garden Sunlight, Inc. manufacturers and sells a large variety of garden solar lighting.  This is a product category that is pretty exciting as the technology for these products has changed dramatically in the past couple years.  The solar chargers are now 30% to 40% more efficient than just two years ago. And the lights are now LED instead of incandescent or fluorescent.  They also sell a really cool little spy camera that allows you to spy on birds and wildlife in your garden.
38Cowboy Knives & Collectibles sells Switchblade Knives, Spring Assist, Novelty Knives, Rough Rider, Marbles, Schrade, Timber Wolf, Kissing Crane, Smith & Wesson, Tomahawk, Colt Knives, Belt Buckles, Miniature Knives and more.
39Bluefin Distribution is the US stocking distributor for several lines of Japanese Action toys and figures.  Just fill out the form to become a dealer to get pricing information.
40Delta Children’s Products sells licensed toddler and children’s products including Barbie, Sponge Bob, Cars (the movie), Dora the Explorer, Fairies and others.  One of their products is a really neat toy hopper.
41Palco Sports sells a very high quality line of Airsoft guns licensed by Colt, Sig Sauer, Desert Eagle, Taurus and others.  Unlike most of the cheap Airsoft guns, these are quality reproductions licensed by the manufacturers that have the look, heft and feel of the real thing and actually operate just like the real guns. They are so realistic that several police departments around the US are using them for training to save ammunition.
42Jobar International was selling one of the hottest products at a trade show I attended. Are you ready for this?  Really ready?  OK.  It’s Bedbug Mattress Barriers.  That’s right. It appears there is an epidemic of bed bugs in hotels all over America.  So, more and more travelers are buying these to take with them on trips.  Jobar also sells a wide variety of other products from beauty and bath, ASOTV, garden, toys, housewares and pet products.
43Mayday Industries sells a complete line of Disaster Preparedness Products including Go Kits, first aid kits, Fire and evacuation supplies, Porta Potties, automotive kits and more.  They even have a line of pet survival products (now there’s a niche!)   Use the Contact Us form on the website to get wholesale information.
44Precision Products Online wholesales hobby and craft tools tools, sport knives, and magnifiers! Very easy online ordering.
45Fashion Electronics has one of the nicest lines of cell phone, iPad and Bluetooth products I saw at the show. This is really nice stuff.  Their line includes cell phone cases, chargers, Bluetooth headsets, power supplies and batteries, chargers and more. One of the neatest products is an iPad case with a built-in Bluetooth keyboard.
You will have to email them through the website for wholesale information. Be sure and mention the ASD/AMD trade show.
46Luyuan Inc features a really neat line of high fashion skateboards, dirt bikes and scooters.  They have offices and warehouses in California so you don’t have to worry about importing.

47. Ali Express is a site owned by Alibaba that allows you to import thousands of products from China but in small quantities and Ali Express guarantees the shipment and holds the money until you receive your goods.
48. Brooke Distributing is a wholesale distributor for Samsung, Pentax, Panasonic, Sharpe, Techniks, and many other electronic companies. You will have to email them from the web site to get a dealer application. Just fill out the application and fax it back and they will give you access to the wholesale pricing for a wide range of digital cameras and electronics.
49. Dragon Distributing is a leading, non-competing wholesale distributor who specializes in the distribution of automotive and consumer electronics to independent dealers. You will need a tax resale number and a commercial checking account to do business with them. They carry all the hot brands of car-audio amps, speakers, cable and accessories.  Just fill out the dealer application on the website. It looks pretty intimidating, but they will work with just about any online seller.

50. TeleBrands Wholesale is probably the leading supplier of ASOTV goods to eBay sellers. There are several companies in this industry -- but this one is the best in my opinion. They sell most products in one-case lots and the prices are typically 50-60% below the advertised on TV price but might only be 20% to 30% above the eBay price.
The other big ASOTV supplier is Salco that runs a drop shipping operation for eBay sellers at:
51. Bell Golf Manufactures and wholesales golf clubs to dealers, distributors and online sellers. Their products include titanium woods, steel woods, irons, wedges, putters, grips, shafts, accessories, components including Synchron, Acer, Oxygen, Power Play, Prof. Open, PP System, Bionik, Four Ball Blade, Technica, Karma, Lamkin, Golf Pride, Winn, Apollo, True Temper, Powerflex and Aldila.
52. Boone's Antiques Yes, you can buy antiques wholesale. This company supplies antique dealers and decorators all over the country. Boone's Antiques main store is in Wilson, North Carolina. (Actually, "store" is an understatement. With 4 acres of antiques, they are probably the largest antique's dealer on the East Coast).

Their pieces come from all over the world and they sell wholesale and retail to a wide range of clients and ship anywhere. You can see a sampling of products and find out more from the web site or by calling (252)237-1508. Whatever you're looking for, they probably have it, or can get it for you. The prices on the web site are not the best they sell for. Always call them for a quote letting them know you are a reseller.
53.  GMC International does not have a website. They are a dealer in high-end antiques, Objects D’Art and Estate jewelry that sell to the trade only (that means wholesale). They are located in Westfield NJ and you can contact them at 908-518-1900 or Fax them at 908-518-1903.  Ask for Leon Remoko. is an association of hundreds of small designers and manufacturers. When you deal through GreatRep, you are dealing direct with the manufacturer or master importer of the product. Not all of the companies listed on GreatRep will work with eBay and website sellers, but most of them will. If you run into one that doesn’t just move on to the next one. Just fill out a short online form to get access.

Wholesale Books & Media
Media products (Books, CDs and DVDs) are great sellers on eBay, Amazon and at Flea Markets. There is no one single supplier for all types of books; you will need several to cover the market. Here are a few companies that distribute and wholesale books and media products.
55Noah's Ark provides a wide variety of items at discount pricing to stores, online sellers, distributors, & churches. Products include Christian movies and family movies on DVD, Christian books, gifts, T-shirts, ties, caps, Christian music CDs, Spanish products & more.
56. Super D is a large wholesale distributor of CDs, DVDs and video games with over 300,000 titles in stock. They also carry vinyl records which are enjoying a renewal of interest.
57Jay's Record and Tapes, Inc. offers excellent deals on niche music CDs as low as $1.10 or you can check out his package deals of 110 CDs for $99.00. That works out to $0.90 per CD.
58Ingram Books is the largest distributor of books in the US.  And, they have a drop  shipping program that is used by a number of eBay and Amazon sellers.
59Baker and Taylor is a distributor of books, CDs, Video Games and DVDs to retailers all over the country. They were just acquired by the Charles Harlan Company so their name may soon change.
60. Book Liquidator is a large seller of liquidation books
61Springharbor is a large wholesale of Christian books
62DVA, Inc. is a large liquidation seller of CDs and DVDs that also gets the occasional video game and some books. I have worked with this company for the past two years and always seem to make a good profit on the things I buy from them.

Back to regular sources:
63. D&H Distribution is one of the country's largest distributors of computer software and supplies both large and small retailers. Their line card includes: Adobe, Canopus/Grass Valley, CA, Corel, Intuit, Macromedia Academic, Microsoft, Pinnacle, Sage Software, Sony Media Software, Academic, Sunburst and Symantec. One you get to the web site you will need to register for an account and become approved before they will sell to you. This will require a business name and a state sales tax number.

64ASI is another large software distributor.  If you are thinking of selling software, you should consider joining Asci-II a group that supports small resellers.
65COS International is another good source for consumer electronics and electronic toys. For example they often have the hot mini remote control racing cars for as little as $2.50 each. Other examples I have seen recently are HP Digital cameras for $55 each and wireless LAN ports for $19 each.
66. Tech Liquidators is a wholesale liquidator for companies such as Best Buy, Sears and other large retailers. They use an auction format similar to eBay and  This is a great place to find name brand electronics, but just make sure what you are buying. Remember to avoid the returns.
67. King Wholesale is a company that sells a wide variety of pet novelty items and accessories and sells a large line of higher-priced professional pet products.
68. B Stock Solutions is a source where Sam's Club, Wal-Mart, Macy’s and HP sends their surplus merchandise when it doesn't sell. They handle merchandise including electronics, toys, books, and even the occasional digital camera. You will have to register to get access to prices but it's very simple to do so. They work on mostly an auction format but they sometimes have outright sales as well.
69Smitty’s Glass wax. Is an eyeglass cleaning kit. You are probably thinking “what’s an eyeglass cleaning kit?”  Well this is the neatest kit I have seen and boy does the product work. It not only works on glasses but it also works on computer screens, cell phones, iPads and so on. The neat thing about this product is that it not only cleans, it leaves a film that repels dirt and dust.
I usually have to clean my glasses at least twice a day.  When I clean them with Smitty’s, I am good for at least two days.  The price point is very attractive and they are offering a show special where you get $512 worth of wholesale product for $364.00 wholesale. That allows you a really nice markup.  I am not sure how long that offer will last so you may want to move on this one quickly.
You will have to call or email them through the website to get the wholesale sourcing information and pricing.
70.   Kinetic Cookware sells a line of stainless steel cookware and green themed glass and plastic kitchen tools and containers.
71Magic Masseuse is an FDA Approved bioelectric stimulator (TENS unit) used to stimulate and massage your muscles. Your muscles respond to the impulses by contracting and relaxing rhythmically.  The Magic Masseuse is the consumer version of the same units used by chiropractors and massage therapists. The device allows you to set both strength and type of massage - Tap, Stroke, Knead, Parego, Massage, Acupuncture and Cupping.
The prices on the website are retail. Click on the link that says Wholesale information and contact them for wholesale pricing.
72Rising International sells a line of funky and cute colorful clothing from Nepal.  When you get to the website you can see the product overview, but you need to contact them to get registered first before you can see the product detail and pricing.
73Air-Val International is a Spanish company based in Barcelona. They sell a line of   licensed children’s perfumes and cosmetics. Some of the brands include Barbie, Phineus and Ferb, most of the Disney characters, Hana Montana and Dora the Explorer.  Not too much info on the website, but contact them and they will send you plenty of information.
74.  Fineline Settings sells a line of classy expensive-looking disposable dinnerware and glasses.  I could not believe how good this stuff looked.  You could use it for a nice dinner and when you are done –just toss it away.
75.   Lampson & Goodnow sells a complete line of high quality kitchen and chef’s knives.  They operate with local manufacturing reps. So just go to their website and send them an email asking for the name of a rep that covers your area. (You have to tell them where you are located).
76The Toysmith Group is located near us in Sumner Washington. They sell a wonderful line of educational toys and games that are creative, inspiring and imaginative for kids from 5 to 12.
77The Real Insect Company of Menlo Park, CA sells a large line of insects embedded in Lucite blocks.  Their products include key rings, bottle openers, pen stands, bracelets and pendants as well as large Lucite paperweights.  A couple of years ago Karen and I sold a ton of these right before Christmas.  The neat thing about this product is you can mark them up 200%.  If insects freak you out, they also sell a line of flowers and butterflies in Lucite as well.
78EMCO Supply sells a complete line of military, security and outdoor clothing, tools and supplies for campers and hunters. Contact them via email and they will mail you a huge catalog of all of their goods.
79Wingscapes sells a line of unique digital cameras for birders, gardeners and anyone who wants to follow a project. The Time lapse Project cam is one of the coolest products I have seen this year. Their Birdcams come with a sensor that triggers a shot when a bird lands.  Contact them through the website for wholesale information.  There are already quite a few sellers selling these on eBay and Amazon, but I think this could be a good product to bundle with other products to create a niche.
80World Trading sells a very complete line of wholesale RC cars, boats airplanes, tanks and helicopters.  They stock all of their products at warehouses here in the US.  They even sell a remote control golf ball.  You hit the ball and if you miss the hole, you can pick up your remote control and roll it into the hole.
81Chh Quality Products sells a complete line of games including Chess, Backgammon, Mahjong, Dominos shuffle boards, Carom Boards, Foosball and Cribbage sets.
82Self Defense Supply is one of the largest wholesalers of security and self defense equipment. Everything from spy pens to knives, and also carries a nice line of Airsoft, BB and pellet guns.
83Rothco has provided the market with military clothing and outdoor gear since 1953 and is one of the largest wholesalers of this type of gear and equipment. Request a catalog as its much easier to use than their online site.
84Hawk Importers sells virtually every kind of hand tool you can imagine.  The opportunity here is to create specialty sets of tools for specific uses. Use the word guest as the username and 150910 as the password.  If that is no longer working, just send an email the company at to request a username and password to enter the website.
85The Raymond Trading Company sells a very nice line of metal cases for beauticians, cosmetologists, jewelers and beaders and anyone who has to carry small supplies and tools around.
86La Selva Designs sells a very nice line of printed tote bags and umbrellas. Click on the tab that says wholesale to get a catalog.
87OFT, Inc sells a very nice line of personal massagers, foot massagers and they also sell the FDA Approved TENS electrical stimulators (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators). I tried one of their foot massagers at the show and it was awesome.  I tried to buy one on the spot but they said I had to order a case of 6.
88Mova, Inc. sells world globes in a variety of sizes that move (rotate) by themselves.  You have to see these in person (or watch the video).  They seem to move like magic. They are actually powered by room light –no batteries, no motors.

The MOVA Globe rotates peacefully and silently using only the energy of room light and the force of the earth’s magnetic field. The MOVA globe is an inner globe that rotates and is contained within an outer shell made of very clear acrylic that does not rotate. The thin space between the inner globe and outer shell is filled with a safe, perfectly clear fluid that buoyantly supports the inner globe completely out of contact with the outer shell. This inner globe, floating and turning in a virtually friction-free environment and energized by light, is analogous to the earth itself.

The optical properties of the outer sell and fluid are carefully chosen so that the graphic features on the surface of the inner globe are magnified and appear to be on the outer surface of the outer shell. This means that the outer shell actually appears to move. The MOVA globe can rest on an attractive three fingered stand that is provided, or on just about any other kind of stand that can be chosen to complement it’s graphic design. The MOVA globe appears to rotate in spite of resting on the stand, in quiet defiance of commonly held ideas about the laws of friction.

A carefully designed, and highly efficient drive mechanism within the inner globe drives the rotation even in room light. Energy for the drive is provided by very advanced solar cells within the inner globe, illuminated by light passing through the graphic on the globe. The drive includes a magnetic element that reacts with the earth’ s magnetic field, much as a common compass does, to provide torque to drive the globe. All of these elements of the MOVA globe cooperate to create a beautiful, magical object that provides a meditative point of focus to any room.
I predict these will be a huge seller next Christmas.

Liquidation and Closeout Suppliers
Liquidation and surplus companies are not technically niche product companies as they sell a wide range of goods. However, you will often find niche products among their merchandise. For example, Via Trading always has used blue jeans in stock.  And, Topper Liquidators generally sells overstock wedding gowns.
89. is the web site for Liquidity Services, Inc. They are one of the largest closeout and surplus dealers on the web. They act as the surplus dealer for major department stores such as Macy's and chain stores like Target and BJ's Wholesale. has hundreds of bulk auctions to bid on at any given time. You get access to a variety of lot sizes including pallets, box lots and trailer loads. They sell a variety of surplus products: overstocks, closeouts, shelf pulls, refurbished products and more. Best of all this company has excellent customer service.

Liquidation uses an auction format similar to eBay. A typical pallet will vary in price anywhere from $200 to $2,000. Recently I saw a pallet of game machines including several of each Game Boys, X-Box, and Playstation 2 game sets that went for an average price of $40 each. Another pallet had a thousand pair of new name-brand blue jeans (Polo, Lee, Boss, etc.) selling for less than $1.70 each.

Warning: Before you bid on a item at—be sure to check the shipping cost. The dealers who sell on are located all over the country. It can be very expensive to ship a pallet load of goods, so try to buy from suppliers who are close to you. For example if you live on the East Coast it could be very expensive to ship a pallet from California. Before placing a bid, get a shipping estimate or bid from sellers who are less than 1,000 miles from your location. Always get a shipping quote before bidding. If it is too high, email the seller and ask if you can arrange your own shipping.

The merchandise changes every day and you can sign up for email alerts to make sure you don't miss any specials.
90. Via Trading is another large closeout dealer that deals only in the Pallet load -- however many of their pallets sell for as little as $250. They deal in surplus, overstock and returns from major department store chains. One thing I have found when dealing with Via, is that they are very honest in describing the merchandise. In short, you will get what you pay for. But once again, whenever you buy pallet loads of merchandise, always check the shipping charges first.
91. Topper International liquidators is another large liquidation firm but unlike the others they tend to sell in smaller quantities which makes them perfect for small sellers. (Full disclosure, Topper is a paid advertiser on my website).
92Mac Wholesale is a liquidator of a wide range of great products that work really well on eBay.  There are no products listed on their website because their inventory changes every week. Call them at 508-378-3500 and ask to be put on their mailing list and you will get an email with the wholesale specials they are running.
93American Merchandise Liquidators sells Top Brand Names at Below Wholesale Prices. Closeouts, Overstocks, Customer Returns, and More. They sell to Off Price Buyers: i.e., Closeout Sellers, Brokers, Flea Market Vendors, Auctioneers, eBay Sellers, Wholesalers, Retailers and more.
94Closeout Place has enormous buying power. This allows them to sell brand names such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Fila, Converse, Puma, Skechers, Asics, Starter, Doc Martens and more at approximately 50% off regular wholesale prices. They also have an enormous selection of NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL licensed team apparel. They have a 200,000 square foot warehouse in Chicago. So if you live in the upper Midwest you can visit them in person.  They sell their items in case packs and the minimum order is $300.
95Jack Levy Sales carries a wide range of closeout general merchandise. They specialize in giftware, house wares, collectibles, novelties, and licensed items including Coca Cola, John Deere, M&M and NASCAR.
96.  MAT Electronics sells a wide range of consumer electronic parts and accessories. Example: Zune EB Premium Headphones for $3.50 per pair. They sell on Amazon for over $20. There is a link on their home page where you can download their wholesale catalog as a PDF file and get immediate access to their wholesale pricing.
97.   M. Cornell Importers sells a complete line of decorative and collectible beer steins and accessories, flasks, beer glasses and the licensed line of licensed Jack Daniel’s Bourbon products.
98. CAVA As Seen On TV carries some of the hottest ASOTV products and they are happy to work with small online sellers.
99. offers top quality leather products, apparel and also Christian apparel.

Well that’s it for our 99 sources.  So let’s take a look at some of your bonus items.

Bonus Search Engines
I promised you some bonus search engines. These are search engines where you can find almost anything wholesale:

Alibaba is an excellent search engine to find products from China and the Far East. A lot of the manufacturers only sell in large quantities, but if you take the time to search the site and email the manufacturers, a lot of them will also sell in small lots. Look for the listing Gold Supplier as these are manufacturers who have registered and had their information checked out by Alibaba.
WARNING:  Be very careful buying name brand products such as clothing, shoes and perfumes that you see on Alibaba.  I guarantee that 90% of them are FAKE.  Alibaba is a search engine and they try and police providers of fake goods, but many of them sneak through.
Ali Express is the company to use if you want to buy in small quantities from China

The Auction Seller's Resource Wholesale Search is a free search engine located on the Auction Seller's Resource site. This is the first place I would start. Spend some time clicking on the various product links and exploring the suppliers.
Wholesale Central is a large web site that hosts small wholesale companies that don't have their own web presence.
Closeout Central is owned by Wholesale Central but specializes in mostly closeout dealers.
GetThatWholesale is a really large wholesale search engine that I use all the time.

Even More Resources for Amazon & eBay Sellers:
If you are experienced buying wholesale this may be all you need. If not, I strongly recommend you purchase The Wholesale Buying System. CLICK HERE to read about the best selling printed instruction manual that comes with access to our members-only, password-protected wholesale web site.

If you need money to purchase merchandise, Kabbage gives merchant cash advances to eBay and Amazon sellers for that purpose.

As a parting gift, I also invite you to read and download 77 Tips and Tools for Selling on The New eBay. Click Here to read the tips on the web site. At the bottom of the page is a link to download a PDF file of the entire document.

Here is a link to our FREE GOVERNMENT AUCTION GUIDE. Lots of people on the web charge up to $19.95 for this information, but it’s free to you.

Here is the link again to a page on our site where you can find information and apply for a State Sales Tax number. Also, be sure and check out the FREE ARTICLES page where you will find several articles about wholesale sourcing, drop shipping and other information for eBay & Amazon sellers.
Finally, if you are just starting out, here are three great FREE eBooks by my friend, Chris Malta.
1.    Starting Your Internet Business Right.
2.    How to Find Real Products You Can Sell Online
3.    Understanding The Internet for Home Business

They really are free and there are no strings attached.  Just Click Here to Download this Free EBook!

That's it --I have tried my best. I hope you feel you received your money’s worth.

Cheers and Good luck with your online ventures,
Skip McGrath