Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

R J Rushdoony on the New Racism.  

RJ Rushdoony & Moral Relativism.  One particular critique of moral relativism.  

Lew Rockwell on Moral Relativism.

Exodus Mandate on Public Schools.  

Sales Presentation that closes deals.  

CostCo Jobs.  CostCo jobs near Arcadia

Don't hire someone who wants money.  Oh, really?

Companies that started with little to no money.  

Zurich Insurance using robots to decide personal injury claims.  

Robo Hackers: The Dark Side of AI?

Mises: Five Articles Four.  3 Things to Remember on the 4th of July.  Gary North, "Tricked on the 4th of July."  Tom DiLorenzo, "2nd American Independence Day."

Bill Sardi on Vitamin Supplements.  Borage oil benefits.  Weight Loss and Bill Sardi.

John Whitehead on future of the U.S.

Identify your target audience.  

Tom Woods and "How to Deal with Annoying Telemarkerters." Happy Earner video series.  

Andrew Breitbart 

Audience again.  

Persuasive essays

Proofreading habits to increase productivity.
Future money trends.

John Rao on Colleges Continue to Scam Parents.    

Collapse of the Church in the U.S

63 Marketing Strategies

Fair Credit Reporting Act and what it entails.  

Employment background checks.  Best rated employment background checks.  Top 10 Reviews.  BusinessNewsDaily reviews the best background sites. 

Pattreon and Dotto Tech.  

PC Magazine, "Whatever Happened to Customer Service?"

Ultimate Guide for Beginning Coders.  

Chameleon Resumes.  Branded resumes.  Tips on branding your resume.  Pay attention to narrative voice.  

Negotiate Like an FBI Expert.  

Golden Hyde Insurance School.  Property & Casualty License. Prop. & Casu.

Chris Voss.  

Forbes' list of websites for your career.  


Gary North on Study Habits.

The Power of Habits,  Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human ____________

How Health Insurance Became Tied to Jobs.

Mr. Lucky: Tentbridge Tales.

Rose Wilder Lane.

12 Ordinary Men.  Again.  12 Angry Men.  Affilorama.  Join. Mark Ling Review.  Mark Ling

OMG Machines.  This is Mike Long's gig.  Mike Long's Affiliate Marketing

Jobs, Norwalk.

Thinking Fast and Slow.  

Books on Decision-Making.  LBE order page.  LBE, Tom Woods' link.

Bill McIntosh, Clickbank.  Benefits and Limitations to Clickbank. Clickbank.

I Dictate transcription software

Lew Rockwell's 30-Day plan.  Harry Browne's Hilldale Speech.

Earn a Living Without a Job

Planned Parenthood Brutal Century.

Brad Pitt's War Machine offers insights on command.

Donald Trump, Reckless on Syria

Fred Reed, Clash of Cultures

Create Ad Words campaign.  Keyword Planner Tool.  Use Google Trends to punch up content.  Upward Trends on Google Trends. Google Trends.

The Scott Horton Show.  William Anderson, Comrade Bernie

Commission Machine, Michael Cheney.  JV Zoo.

63 Marketing Strategies, Dan Kennedy.

Tom Woods Starter Kit

Fraud of the White Helmets, Philip Giardi.

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