Surface Pro 4

Wednesday, September 28, 2016
1.  Cursor disappears. 
2.  Highlighting requires a post highlighting click before I can go the hyperlink icon and create that.  Maybe it's because of these stupid apps, like Grammarly.

Keep these handy:

1.  Windows Ten Forums.
2.  Reddit
3.  HowtoGeek
4.  Tom's Hardware
5.  Freecomputerconsultant
6.  The Windows Club
7.  How to Connect  

8.  Tech Support Forum

Type cover costs $129.  

The best remedy for fixing any type cover keyboard issues is to detached the keyboard quickly and then re-attach it.  Least so far that has worked for me.  Any of these elaborate procedures where you have to reboot the Device Manager or go here or go there seem to me all non-sense.  

Microsoft support is beyond useless.

Also, when the attached keyboard does not respond but only the on-screen keyboard appears, that means that you're in TABLET MODE.  The way to get out of TABLET MODE is to pull up or out the ACTION CENTER at the right and simply click TABLET MODE off.  

Protective Leather Folio Stand Case, about $11.

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