10-day grace period on unpaid credit card bills.  Hallelujah.  Still, pay on the first of November, 2016.

Friday, November 11, 2016
BofA does not recognize my Chino Hills zip.  Instead, the use the zip from the previous address.   

BofA has asked me to pay two different sums.  One is $198 and the other is $386.  $198 is the minimum payment, but they don't tell me what the $386 is.  Can't stand people's inability to communicate.  

Their automated phone number is 800-732-9194.

And when you pay online it takes 24 hours for the payment to register with the site.  There used to be a Confirmation Page AND Confirmation Number.  You'd think that Bank of America would try to build trust with its customers by explaining what specific numbers mean, what things mean online.  But they don't.  You have to get on the phone, wait 10 minutes through repetitive, soft, droning rhythms before you get a D grade of assistance.  

Oh, this is sweet

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