Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tweens, teens, and younger adults . . . are the least likely to click product ads (unless those ads are for clothes or games).

On the uses and benefits of social media, Bill Myers offers some sound advice:

Everything starts with the product you are trying to market and who the most likely buyers of that product are.

If those 'most likely buyers' aren't using the social media platforms you plan to advertise on, your money and effort will be wasted.

A recent survey by ExactTarget (a social media marketing company) showed only 23% of companies that advertise on social media say their social media efforts have been effective.

Much of this has to do with those who use social media the most (tweens, teens, younger adults), are the least likely to click product ads (unless those ads are for clothes or games).

The most effective marketing is when you know where your target market will be looking for the kind of product you have to sell, and you concentrate your promotion efforts there.

So instead of starting out by trying to make social media work for your product, find out where your most likely customers hang out, and concentrate your marketing efforts there.

Bill adds . . . 

When it comes to marketing via social media, you might want to read 'Why Facebook Ads fall Flat'. 

In that report, you learn that in general, ads on Facebook and other social media usually fail, while content reposted and 'liked' by followers gets more attention and results.

That's why big advertisers court and pay people who have a huge number of followers on their social media accounts. They know if they can get the social leader to 'like' something, chances are good the followers will at least take a look at the 'liked' item.

For example, if Oprah or Taylor Swift 'likes' something on their social media feeds, millions of people will click the liked item to learn about it.

But chances are they won't click any of the ads on those same pages.

So the secret to success when marketing with social media, is to get someone your target market follows to 'like' or 'repost' content related to your product.

If you can do that, you'll get a lot of clicks and attention.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Found them helpful on how to think about sustainable watchable videos. There are ten of them but they are only a couple minutes each.

I got a few ideas from them, thought you guys might as well.
Bill Myers writes:

HostGator has announced a new service - optimized WordPress hosting. The servers have been optimized for Wordpress, and sites will have automatic daily backups, automatic malware removal, unlimited storage space and a shared SSL. They claim WordPress sites on the optimized server will have "Blazing Speed".
$12.95 a month for a single site, with multiple site plans available. Free migration from your current Hostgator account to the optimized server.
 . . . .
On buying a desktop, here's what to look for in a desktop PC.
Intel i7 Processor, minimum 3.2ghz
Minimum 8 gig RAM memory (more is better)
Video card with 2 gig RAM (minimum)
1 tb Harddrive (2 tb is better)
In the US, you could get a Dell 8700 configured better than above for around $700.
. . . .
If you've been looking for a way to draw or annotate in your computer using a tablet and pen, and didn't want to spend lots of $$$ on a Wacom tablet, you might be interested in this deal.
Monoprice is offering their 10" X 6" drawing tablet with pen for $39.99. 
Connects to your computer via USB and is Mac and Windows compatible.