Saturday, February 13, 2016

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Successful Amazon Merch account that is doing awesome selling T-shirts? 

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Case #: 1326928961
Resetting password:
Driver comp
Connection with a LAN cable
Compatibility with the drivers.
Update for the driver or the driver itself. 
1)  Update > settings > update > security options.
2)  Device manager 

Model Number:  Inspiron 5737
Categories:  Portable PC.
The Wireless Driver registered under "Device Manager" on my laptop is Dell Wireless 1705 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHZ).  That wireless driver can be found here

What is EGREAT_TVBOX7029
Model:  YunTVPlayer
Model Number:  1.0
Categories:  Digital media renderer.
Description: unavailable.

Mfg.:  Microsoft Corporation
Model: Windows Media Player
Model Number: 12
Categories:  Digital Media Player
Description:  Unavailable.

What is UPnP?

PlayPoint Properties:
Model:  Local Player.
Model Number 1.0
Categories:  Digital media renderer.

PlayPoint USB
Mfg.:  Packet Video
Model: Twonky Server
Model Number 7.0.10
Categories:  Digital Media Server

Mfg.:  YoukuDIna.
Model:  YoukuMediaRenderer
Model Number:  Unavailable.
Categories:  Digital media renderer.

Wireless router
Mfg.:  NETGEAR, Inc.
Model: RangeMax N300 Wireless
Status:  Not connected.  

Mfg.:  Dell, Inc.
Model:  Inspiron 5737
Category: Portable PC

Network Adapters:
1.  Dell Wireless 1705 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHZ)
2.  Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller

Some troubleshooting tips here and here here.  

To know which PCI card was installed in the system and to download the drivers for that device, follow the steps from this link:
If you are finding it difficult in searching the drivers for PCI card, follow the steps from the above link and please send me the Vendor ID and Device ID of the PCI card or you can also send me the Hardware IDs as you did earlier.

Dell only has the 64 Bit drivers listed available for your specific model
Intel HD Graphics 4400 Driver here:
Intel however provides the 32 bit Drivers for Windows 8.1

Dell charges $129 to fix any issue.  Express Service Code:  34732915273.  You might get some help from Dell Support Forum.  Phone number is 800-624-9896.  That number is good 24/7.  Product was shipped on April 23, 2014. Service Tag: 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Getting 1 Million Views from a YouTube Video

Monetizing videos.

To review, it requires:
1)  Review high-end items/devices [cameras, RVs, automobiles, computers, phones, computer hardware, etc.]
2)  Devices that "a lot of people are interested in and costs enough money that consumers will do a little research before they buy."
3)  Show "the most amazing or annoying feature of a popular consumer product."

Bill Myers adds 10 tips on how on the types of videos that make money.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I’ve been a wild advocate for the Internet since the beginning, and I still believe in it as a massively liberating technology… but not in the current, popular form. The Internet that we know has been recaptured by the power mongers with a massive assist from hucksters. It is, to be very honest about it, all but finished. And considering the massive inertia and mindless obedience of the dominant 9/11 culture, it won’t be saved.
So, we need a Plan B. Many people don’t want to think about such a thing, and while I understand their hesitation, I can’t endorse anyone taking the ‘ostrich position.’
That being the case, I’ll start right out with the naked truth.

Big Brother is now called “Internet.”
Using the existing Internet, as most people do, involves Big Brother reading your mind and sticking his fingers into your brain. And that’s not something that is ‘coming soon’; it is something that is here NOW… and it’s getting worse all the time.

I’ll pass up the details in this article; I’ve covered them repetitively in the past. Whoever doesn’t want to believe me is entitled to his or her choice.

Plan A2
Plan A2 is the one I’ve been talking about for a decade or more: protecting your Internet traffic. I should warn you, however, that this gets harder every day. And that means that fast, easy, and cheap is not possible. To be clear: If you’re using cut-rate protection, you’re not protected.

Yes, I have a dog in this fight – I manage the Cryptohippie Service – but what I’m writing is true all the same. Cheap privacy services are not going to protect you these days. You need professional systems (with their own private key infrastructure, multiple hops, DNS, etc.).

You can still protect yourself (see this guide) but it’s real work… as in spending hours of focused effort, and consistently.

Beyond these things, you MUST stop using free services, especially Google and Facebook. They are the tele-screens from 1984 and are in some ways worse. Like it or not, that’s the truth.

The problem with Plan A2 is that you have to pay for it. It does still work (which is why Big Brother’s operators would like to outlaw anonymity services), but it isn’t free.

Plan A2 flies in the face of the triumphant Internet hucksters who have conned nearly the entire planet into believing that there really is such a thing as a free lunch. And reason be damned, the planet has fallen for it.
Ah well.

Plan B
Plan B is far simpler and easier than you’d guess: It’s to build our own networks. Here are the two major pieces: 

Meshes are local networks built with standard Wi-Fi components. They are cheap and fairly easy to build, especially after the first one or two. And they can cover large areas. In fact, a rural mesh network in Spain connects some 30,000 users. Here’s a list of mesh networks around the world. 

Connecting networks can be accomplished by any number of means: fibers, radio links, phone lines, and so on. The one method that I particularly like is packet radio.
All sorts of things can be added to this base. Here are two that I like.

These are individual nodes (computers) that connect to both a mesh and the big Internet, ferrying data between the two: emails, page updates, etc. 

FidoNet is a system for sending and receiving messages. But unlike the standard Internet, it doesn’t require real-time transmission. In other words, it is perfect for a mesh network that synchs with remote email servers only four times per day, for example. (This breaks the Big Brother Internet’s ability to correlate traffic… to read your mind so easily.)

You could easily go far beyond my short list, but this is a strong start. The External Links section of the Wikipedia mesh page would be a great place to start looking for further information and ideas.

The leading edge and the oppressed are already getting busy with mesh networks. This is where intelligent and ethical energies need to be spent, because the existing Internet is all but gone for anyone who wants some distance from Big Brother.

If you’re looking to start doing something that matters, I can barely think of a better area in which to start. If you have any technical skill at all, you’ll find it accessible. Building mesh networks requires fairly little cash and it is of major importance.

So, I recommend that you jump in and start building and start communicating with other people who are doing the same thing.

Then, once you understand what you’re doing, start innovating.

This is a line of work that’s worthy of your time and energy.

Paul Rosenberg
Tech Help for Windows & Dell Computers

You mean I can run an entire operating program on a computer with no internet?

I need this page for new drivers. 
You need to go to the Dell web site, actually. This is the page you need:
If you have a USB stick, you can do this on a computer that actually has working Internet access.
If you don't see the WiFi icon, you may have a driver problem and need to install your wireless drivers.

It starts here.

Power to Do More, Dell Computers.
Official Microsoft Windows Forum: Technet forums
Windows Forum: Windows Forum

Okay, I've tried a few of the sites mentioned above.  Not too helpful.  They start off helpful, but if a glitch or further question arises, you don't hear from them.  I am referring to HowtoGeek and Tom's Hardware.  I signed onto Windows Central, asked a question but got no reply.  They post on their landing page that you'll get an answer in 5 minutes.  So far it's been 45 minutes and no answer yet.

The 4th site I will try is  I don't know who owns this but will check it out.

There is an other place I had not thought of trying and that's Reddit.  Try their techsupport forum.
Here were some replies:

1)  There are MANY!! In fact, I almost answered by saying "Google". And that answer would not be a joke or sarcasm. "Just Google it" is always the best answer. Yes, always.  But if I must pick only one website among hundreds, the best place I know for general computer help and knowledge is HowToGeek.  For Geeks, By Geeks.  And if by some stretch of imagination you cannot find what you are looking for by Googling it, and the Geeks haven't written about it... You might try Quora.

2)  Actually there is no specific website that can provide all the solutions for a problem. Problems which arise with a PC are most commonly individual problems which all the users may not suffer from, in most of the cases. So you can't find all the solutions of a problem in a single tin. However, I can provide you with some of the best websites that help you troubleshoot your problems.
Official Microsoft Windows Forum: Technet forums
Windows Forum: Windows Forum
Apart from the above forums, I have a personal blog in which you can post your queries and I'll typically reply in a hour or 2 with helpful videos and screenshots too:
3) Google is the best site to help troubleshoot any PC. Search the error codes, type in what is happening on your PC finds it all.  Generally though you will not have many hardware errors (unless strange things happen like a cat nesting inside the PC) so you are most likely to get help that is useful from Microsoft's forums for your OS and from Dell Official Site - The Power To Do More or for your driver errors you might experience.

Alternatively if you have a Radeon or NVidia graphics card you may want to check their sites out for driver and troubleshooting support as both manufacturers have some pretty good answers on their forums and drivers with updates for their hardware.

There is no one place to go and find the right answer, but in general the manufacturer of the hardware or software with issues will be the one with the right solution to the problem.

4)   I'd say Google, Microsoft user community, Tom's hardware, etc.

With all of he troubleshooting that I've done I should probably list those things that I have done and state whether they have worked at all. Here is what I followed to solve the problem of the Diagnostic Policy Service not running.  It was running before I watched this video and it is running after.  In his video, it reads "Started" under the STATUS.  In my list of Services, it reads RUNNING.  

And here is what I have done to solve the problem of