Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Trace photos using PowerPoint.
This video shows how to use the curve tool. You use this tool when your shape is...well, curvy. One thing he shows that I highly recommend is changing the default color and size of the curve line that you're laying down, because when you're tracing over something it's very hard to see the default line, which is only 1 or 2 pixels wide.

Using shapes in PowerPoint.
This video shows how to use shapes in PowerPoint. I rarely use shapes at all when I'm tracing, but it's good to know how these work. (I did use the "donut" shape to create the portholes for the boat above, but otherwise no shapes were used - just the curve tool and the free-form tool. See the next post for a video showing how to use the free-form tool - and you'll have everything you need to do this.)

Excellent video on the free-form tool, which is great for tracing straight edges. Here, he's just creating a box, but it's everything you need to know about using this tool.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


How do you get traffic to these sites. Do you promote them or is it picked up by Google organically.

I choose organic domain names, post links to some of the sites in forums I visit, and link to many of my micro sites from my other micro sites.