Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Real Estate Videos With SmartPhotoEditor

The above video was created with  The music is titled "Sleep Away" by Bob Acri.  And though you need to be a member to read this link, it does provide some valuable insights on creating and marketing these type of videos.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sketchup or Blender?



What next?

Friday, July 5, 2013

How To Create Clickable Image Ads In Craigslist

Here are some interesting notes.

All the photos I've seen on CL listings have been acceptable! The MAIN THING about placing "Video Tours" on CL is.....NO ONE ELSE IS DOING IT! So....your Video Tour stands out. the "Real Estate" section of CL are 4 columns. The 1st being "List View". 2nd is "PIC VIEW"!

And if you go down the line of photos (in PIC View) one thing a Marketing guy should notice something:


However....I've included a Photo that WILL cause "House Hunters" to CLICK ON!

It's a photo of a Real Estate Agent with the "triangular Symbol" of a VIDEO in the middle! This means there appears to be a "Video" behind the photo. There is! other photos I've made a "SIGN" that says; "CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO TOUR!"

Now....knowing that Videos are very popular nowadays....THIS photo stands out like a "sore thumb" and....GETS LOTS OF CLICKS!

If you have some time....YOU could make a bundle offering "Clickable Links" to Videos of products or services offered.

Consumers LOVE Videos!

Below....I've placed a link to a video that tells how to place a Clickable Link on a Craig's List Photo.

I just took a look at the real estate listings for Portland, Oregon. I clicked on "Real Estate", then "By Broker" then "Image Box" and in the PIC View column were HUNDREDS of photos with NONE that stood out or gave a "Reason" to click on.

You place the Triangular Symbol (indicating there's a Video behind the photo" and....THAT PHOTO will get MOST OF THE CLICKS!

Now....if YOU provided this "Clickable Link service" so CL advertisers would get more would NOT have to ever again be concerned where your income is coming from!!!