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Posted Wednesday, October 25, 2017
I cannot believe what I have recorded, the time I've spent listening to sales pitches, and not earned one dollar from all of my efforts.  I am adding one more to the list.  It's here.  This may be too much to post the whole thing, but here goes:

If you made it this far, you're trying to change your life, Congradulations!
This is based off of what I've learn from my experiences from losing money to making money.
I can break it down to you with a couple of steps that will take effort to maximize you making money when you’re asleep.
1.   Select a Niche
2.   Make a Free Social Media Account
3.   Join Multiple Affiliates
4.   Build Content
5.   Market
6.   Earn Passive Income

Its Picking a Topic! Anywhere from talking about soap, kittens to Political Strategies that you feel that can help the world. You can choose anything to talk about, but to maximize your income off your ideas is to advertise content that is related to your niche.
Think about some of the Social Media accounts you follow on Facebook or Twitter that may have a blue check mark on it. They all have links that redirect you to a site to make money off of. The name of the game is to manipulate or be manipulated; the topic is keeping their interest, the sale is the conversion to your pocket.
2. Make a Free Social Media account
You probably have one, make one that is Niche specific related to your topic.
Everything from the Username to the bio.
Fill out every subject line per account and make it related to the Niche. Remember; more Social Media accounts, more impressions, more chances to clicks to conversions to $$$ in your pocket as you sleep.
3. Join Multiple Affiliates
My recommendation? Research EVERY affiliate prior to joining.
Find out whats the market's like
Find out their commission rates
Find out their payment schedules
Find out their affiliate management
Find out their affiliate terms
Here’s a small list of Affiliates you can join
ShareASale: Linked to Multiple websites, joining SharASale will put you into the door of multiple domains
Printful < — Connects to Multiple Platforms like Etsy if you’re designer.
BitBond < — For the BitCoin Fans

 Just a small list
4. Build Content
NOW here is where you’ll probably work the most. Making content towards your niche. This is time consuming, let no one lie to you. Its the effort of posting content daily to keep the people that follows you to continue following you. You can do this on your own or AUTOMATE it.
Automating is honestly the future. Its kinda-sorta what people do hourly at jobs. Only difference? They’re people, What i’m talking about are programs doing the same thing for you online. Having the programs post the content for you, making your money for you is quite lovely.
Think about it like this, imagine working on content for your account for maybe 6 - 8 hours straight. That’s a lot of hours right? But within those hours you come up with a plan to post 1 - 2 post a day. That’s 365 - 730 in queue ready to be posted. You turn on your automated program and move on to the next project, just periodically checking on the account making sure its still posting fine as you move on to your next money making idea.
Sounds perfect right? if you’re interested in that sort of thing like some of us but not sure where to start, let me help you.
That website above as tons of programs available at your disposal with a forum full of questions and answers that you may be pondering about automation.
5. Market
That’s the name of the game, Impressions that turn into conversions that turn into sales. Social Media is an easy one with just hashtags. Follow people who use hashtags that’s relate-able to your content. Remember that is also an Impression Into Conversion as well. Don’t be upset if you follow 1000 people and only 100 follow back. That’s a 10% Conversion! From there, the people who follows you start to do the leg work by reposting,retweeting,sharing your content to their followers, doing the marketing for you!
6. Earn Passive Income
Keep that formula going, the money only goes up from there; Happy Earning!


Sites recommended from this presentation: 
Clickbank & Upwork.  Upwork is a freelance site, like Freelancer?  Yes. Where Freelancer is headquartered in Australia, Upwork is headquartered in Mountain View, California.  Upwork is formerly Elance-O-Desk, a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.  In 2015, Elance-O-Desk was rebranded as Upwork. Upwork has 12 million registered freelancers and 5 million registered clients.  3 million jobs are posted annually, worth a total of $1 billion USD, making it the world's largest freelancer marketplace.  After all these years, that is good to know. 
1.  What niches to go into?
2.  How to scale your business to the next level.
3.  Traffic secrets revealed.  Lots of example. 
First money was through affiliate promoting other people’s products.  And how much are they making?  And he wanted to get his own products with other promoting his products. 
Steps to making huge commissions. 
Step #1:  Get your own products.  You’ll need a Niche.
Step #2:  Then affiliates. 
#1 opportunity in 2017: IMADID.  Only so much you can make with one niche.  When you’ve got a hungry audience, they’ll buy lots of your products.  “Why Men Pull Away.”  "Law of Attraction" niche. 
The right niche.  The right product.  A simple website.  Reliable traffic that converts.
Email marketing?  Opt-in page.  Offers on an opt-in page:
1.  Newsletters.  
2.  A quiz.  
3.  Offer of 7 secrets to him him love you forever.  
4.  Some sort of free gift. 
Choose a proven niche.  Weight loss, relationships, mindset, personal development, alternative beliefs, problem/solutions (how to stop smoking, drinking), fitness, health, wealth, woodworking, internet marketing, wholesale sourcing, writing/getting published, survival, dog training, parenting, self-hypnosis, healing.  Do you have a millionaire’s brain? Quiz.
Dropship works if you choose the right market that serves these physical products well.  Fitness may not work with drop-shipping option. 
Once you have a niche, you'll need to choose physical products within that niche to promote.  75% commission on health niche.  Use Clickbank.  Credit card holder has made the owner.
Step 4: Drive Traffic that converts.  Borrowed traffic.  How do you get borrowed traffic?  If Gravity number is 101, it means that the company has  different affiliates making 101 sales/week.  Gravity of the number of different affiliates making 1 sale of that product.  Law of attraction niche gets over 500k page views/month.  What about a quick product, like a $10 product?  Do an audio interview with an expert.  Use the sites, Upwork. Pay someone $150 for someone to do the interview for you.  Audio interview produce value quicker than an ebook.  Build traffic for free through FB.  Does the interviewee need to sign a release so you can profit?  Put up free youtube videos: $1000/week.  Prove it.  spend $5/on FB traffic.  $50 to $100 for interviews or free. 
Income multipliers by 250% or more: Advertising > Customer > Your Product > Income Multiplier > Your Income >  Your Wallet.  Free and/or Paid Traffic > Customer purchases your product (affiliates get just a commission; paying commissions on upsells as well) >  How else can you get Opt-Ins?  How to make the ultimate survival food: free video reveals the lost secrets.  > Continuity >  Multiplier.  Sell the product and get commissions months to come: audio interview with industry expert once a month.  Reciprocal Promotions >  Multiplier #4.  Others will make sales for you.  EASIER IF PRODUCTS ARE DIGITAL: IMMEDIATE DELIVERY.
Digital products, Affiliate Marketing, & Physical products—peripheral products.  Learn, Build, Earn program.  Mark has a Mastermind Program?  What is this about? First sale by the end of the 3rd module.  Tom Woods affiliate product: rocket languages.  60% commissions on a digital product., sign up for an account and search for rocket languages.  You’ll be getting an email telling you how to promote their product.  Sales have scarcity built into them.  everyone is interested in buying languages.  Sales are when you make the big commissions.  Use it as a fundraiser for your blog.  Many of you want to learn languages, use rocket languages.  Mark Ling started Rocket Languages.  1 link you’re trying to drive traffic to.  Once you’ve got to that point.  the offer is gone after tomorrow night.  Write to tom
10 x $497. 

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