Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Pot Pouri

Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, the new gal at Neflix.

Claire Shipman is married to Jay Carney, former White House aide.

Alex Wagner marries Sam Kass.

The CBS Branch of the Democratic Party Press Office.  

Joy Reid.  Alex Constantine.  

Lincoln wrote fake letters?  Denver, Outside Sales, Nexus.  Incline Manager, Thornton.  

Top sellers on Craigslist.  Health Market copywriting.  6 Ways to Evaluate an Employer.  Grab Your Hiring Manager's Attention.  
Resume v. CV.  Liz Ryan, Research a company prior to interview

Freelancer.  Tom Woods' Happy Earner.  Email building list.  

Wow.  On Obama.  Michael Cheney, Commissions Machine.  Tom Woods on how to find a niche.  Tell the job manager you want to get married.  

Email management software.  European MeToo movement

Gary Norht and the Social GospelToday's Left or Cultural Marxism is really just the Social Gospel of old

Social Gospel vesus pesonal salvation.  Politicians fail to protect the property rights of the poor.  

Battling the Social Gospel from the Moral No Ground


A Bizarre Theory of China vs. the West: Phonetic Alphabets vs. Chinese Characters

Chuck Schumer's daughter works for Facebook.  Milton Friedman, Steel Tariffs, 1978.

Non-CDL driving job.

Stephan Molyneux on South African farmers with Lauren Southern.  Molyneux and Hofmyer.  

Junior Copywriter, the Wonderful Company

Joseph Schumpeter.  Warrior Forum, online biz.  1 Million jobs added.  

Mike PompeoParkland.  IntelHub and Parkland.  Parkland cops cowards?  TAft Union HS becomes real life?  

Beat procrastination.  Illiteracy leads to censorship.  

Right to Work Laws.  

How states compare on taxes and laws.  

Jordan Peterson and the underworld


Thursday, April 26, 2018
When Folic Acid Kills, Healthkismet.  How Can Folic Acid Kill You?  Folic Acid v. Folate.  Folic Acid Toxicity.  B-12 and NCBI.  Vitamin B Depletion and NCBI.  B12 Deficiency.  B12 Awareness and Sally Pacholok.  Vitamin B Robbers.  B12 and Digestive Issues.  Pernicious Anemia.  Can't Absorb Enough B12.

Myelin Formation and RepairRebuilding

Difficult Conversations

Do Parents Own Children?  No.  
Cruel Facebook, Almeida.

Bob Bly's Blog.  Be an Actuary.
How to Write a Good Ad, Bob Bly.
Thriving Launch, Bob Bly
Bob Bly and Audience.  
Persuasion Secrets of Top Marketers.  

Bob Hacker.  

The Commission Machine
JVZoo Dashboard.  

The Winning Resume.  

Gary North, Grand Illusions, 1988.
Political Polytheism, 1989.
The Glamour of Trauma
Character, Not Control, Is the Antidote to Evil.  

Territory Sales, Zip.  A country is not a purposeful economic entity.  
Companies Hiring Part-time.  
Herbert Spencer: Social Darwinist or Libertarian Prophet?
What Social Classes Owe Each Other.  
Progressive Era, Rothbard.  

Ben Settle and Direct Response Marketing
Ben Settle E-Commerce.  Here too.
Ben Settle Newsletter.  
Ben Settle Email Players

What Business Pain do you solve?  
I Love My Work: It's Politics That Wears Me Down.   
Get Good at Pain Spotting.  
Spot the Pain and Get the Job.  
How to Find Your Hiring Manager Using LinkedIn.  
How to Reach Your Hiring Manager Directly.  
Don't Waste Your Time With Online Job Applications.  
Find a Company Problem.  
Write a Pain Letter.  Writing a Cover Letter.

Remote Workers Outperform Office Workers.  

Full Time Copywriter/Editor.  
Production Coordinator, Trailor Park, Hollywood.

BeFunky Photo Editor.  

A Case for Private Eyes.  William L. Anderson.  

Rhetorical Manipulation.

Closing Phrases in a Cover Letter
Closing Statements Cover Letter
Guide to Writing a Cover Letter.
Salutations & Closings.
How to Address a Company.
Salutations when you don't know their name. .
Closing Examples in a Business Letter.  
Most Effective Closing Remarks.  
How to Guide: Cover Letter.

Bitter Lesson: 25 Years AFter Waco

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Take some tips from the pros at leading organization platform Evernote, who recently visited GA to share strategies that will make you work smarter and more efficiently:

Optimize your day to do the most impactful work at the most effective time.
       Control your dependence on smartphones to minimize distractions.
     Break down projects into manageable tasks to avoid procrastination. 

     Keep reading for 4 tips from industry leaders to help you get more done at work.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Bob Bly on Business PlansAIS51Talk.
Ways to Do Market Research for Your Business Plan.
How to Write a Business Plan.  How 2 WABP IIBusiness Plansfor $500.  

We have assisted hundreds of clients by providing them with a professionally written business plans. Our clients cover most every industry imaginable; in fact we are capable of providing clients with a business plan no matter what the industry.   
Our plans are individually written using no templates or business planning software. Your plan will include all of the subjects that lenders and investors want to see in the plans presented to them
Typically our plans are 25 to 35 pages in length and include complete financials, research, and revisions. The price of your plan will depend on the type of business, and a few other factors.
I have personally written more than 250 professional grade business plans, so you can be assured that you will receive a quality business plan. To see what topics our plans include please visit us at GlobalBusinessPlanning.com
How to Send an Anonymous Email.  And moreEminent Domain on Texas borderChild's play profits, $7.

Vit. C.  Robert Cathcart$500 day jobswith side gigs.  $500. Cancer breakthough.  Your spine$300 / dayThe College Fix.  $150 to $200/dayBuild the plot for your novel.  Build Flexible outline for plot

Trouble with Child Labor Laws, Jeffrey Tucker.  Free and Compulsory Education.  The Common School MovementThe Gatestone Institute, on Immigration policy.  Bill Sardi on 20000 mgs C.

Hourly charge for research?  Entry-level marketing.  Christian ethics behind ThanksgivingActing-ManWhere are the older people in the work force

Tom Woods on Avoiding Insane Relatives at Thanksgiving.  Professional Copywriting Course.  Certify as CopywriterStorybrand.  Copywriting Dept.  Cautionary tale of Bolshevism.

Choose a Copywriting NicheFundamentals of Persuasive Writing, Bob Bly. 

Industries that thrive on Recessions.   
And industries immune to Recessions.  
Recession proof businesses.  
Best jobs to have in a Recession.

Side Hustles Earnings.  

Car INsurance Quotes, Compare.comhttps://www.compare.com/ 

Mondale Act of 1974.  

Lazy Writer's Guide to 30 Minute Keyword Research.  

Dealer Pay License and registration fee.

Victor Jory, F-Troop (1965-67).  Surviving Cast of F Troop.  Remembering the CAst from F-Troop.

Which are the best freelancing sites?   

Books on Conversational Hypnosis.  

What are the top 10 Businesses you can do online without investing too much?

HTML/CSS to create emails.

Email marketing specialists, Indeed.

Narcissist's Sadistic games.

Speech centers in the brain.

Bereft of emotions.  How not to be a victims of cruelty.  The Primakov Doctrine.

Hypnosis by phone.  Joe Sobran on Otto Scott.  More on Scott.

Harry Browne, Had He Been Elected.  Presidential campaign commercialBob Bly's Fundamentals of Persuasive Writing3.  

Thursday, October 12, 2017


7 Secrets to negotiation.

Negotiating price.

How to win every negoation.  Daniel Davis, whistleblower.

Hot buttons selling tutoring.  Ron Paul Curriculum.

Lower your bills.  Getting a better deal.  Iron and Bill Sardi.  Nora Zeale Hurston.

LinkedIn Essentials.  Indeed Email Marketing.  Udemy LinkedIn EssentialsBob Bly on how to use LinkedIn.

Civil War was not over slavery, Paul Craig Roberts.  Gary North, Civil War was about slavery.

Will Grigg, Scum Also Rises.  Presidential Pardon, Voxday.  Michael Ross, Retirement Accounts.

AWAI, 7 ways to attract clients.  Harriet McBryde Johnson.  Unspeakable Conversations.  Monre Unspeakable.  Johnson from No Carolina.  Rogerian argument.  Right to Life.  NYT on Johnson.  Rhetorical Strategies in Unspeakable ConversationsQ & A.  Controversial Professors. Commoratio.  Lessons on Unspeakable Converstaions.  Person of the Year.  Source of Ethos.  Sample Essays discussing Ethos.  Strategy of repetition.   Ethos, Pathos, Logos. Arguments Best Friend.

Singular reverses brain aging.  Bill Louis, If there were any victims.

Politicians run away from global warmingTom Woods and Fred Lam.

Freelancers keep customers coming back for more.  Rockwell, Vietnam War.  Teaching the Vietnam War.

Hershey residence on Grand in LA.  Paul Craig Roberts, Board of Ed.  Paul Gottfried, on Rothbard

God's Forgotten Libertarian.  War Against the Weak.  Adam Dick, Trump handling the war.

Timeline Educational Discrimination.

David Gordon Judaism, Capitalism, & Marx, 2013.

The flow in your story.  Develop a narrative flow.  Copy writing portfolio from scratch.  Narrative rhythm.

Digital Marketing specialist.  Email Marketing Mgr.  Starter Solenoid.  SAT Study Guide.  Undermining America.  HTML, CSS, and Javascript Basics.  Write Term Papers.  Expository Essay structure.  Narrative structure.  Expository Writing Skills.  Get paid to write essays.

How to Write an Expository EssayCritique of What Unions Do.  Unions are Anti-Labor.

Unions and Freedom of Association.         

Divorce Anthem.

Authentic German Liberalism.   German Liberalism.  Opportunity and Entrepreneurship.

Smart Phone Sim Cards.  Phones with no SIM Card slot.  Venezuela on the Brink.  Paul Gottfried.  Unions are anti-labor.  The union problem.  Union Myth.  Mises and Unions.  Bastiat and Unions.

Jake & Gino with Chris Voss.  Bob Bly's Methods.  7-Step Process.  Bob Bly copy methodology.

How I Write Direct Mail, Landing Pages, and Other Copywriting Projects.  

Digital Marketing Specialist.   Account Manager, Amazon Media.  Email Marketing Coordinator.  

Michael Cheney.  Godfather package.  JV Zoo Account.  JV Zoo Portal.  PRA TCS.  Project Readiness Assessment.  Project Readiness.                 

Sunday, October 8, 2017



Starting from Zero, Lam.


Facebook generates 85% of e-commerce revenue?
2008 it was all google.  Doesn’t have the same targeting aor the same ability to target exact market.  Good for specific product.  Got to let the data tell you a story.  Replicating successful products.  The creative.  How are you angling the product in the market?  The creative has to speak to the audience. 
The targeting.  Cat magazines.  Anyone that is running an emcommerce business you have to let the data. 
4 levels or 4 numbers: INDICATORS.
1.    CPR rate from the ad.
2.   CPA, cost per acquisition.
3.   CPC link.  Paying per link/click.  Number @ $1.00
4.   CPM, cost per thousand views.  Offline and online space.  every 1000 you are charged an X amount of dollars. 
1.    No inventory?  Recommends this model.  He used it back in 2008.
2.   The inventors are happy to get sales.  All you have to do is sell the products.  Amazon changing the way that people use to buy.  Image of product, description and use credit card.  
3.   Gives you access to selling millions of products without holding an inventory.
Niche based websites?  Yes or no.  General store or niche store.  Always niche stores.  Profitable on the back end.  Easier to build a relationships with customers.  Narrow down the avatar of your customers.

When you’re building the rapport you can sell more products down the line. 
All of a sudden a digital product that allows you to train a cat. 

Facebook really looks at your purchasing event.  Flex store purchase even pixel having your site all over the map confuses Facebook—not sure what you’re selling.  Algorithms confused.  Flex or general store opens front doors on your product.  Kitchenware, dog products, cat products, confuses Facebook algorithms.  Easier to test different products from different niches.  

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Affiliate Commissions for . . . 
Purity Products is 12%.

The Steps . . . are not easy.  And a lot of assumptions occur.  So let me try to lay it out for you. 

1)  You have to become an affiliate.  What that means is that you have to apply to a company.  For example, I applied to Purity Products.  The application is a step.  Take the 30 minutes to fill it out. 

2)  Once you've filled out the application and submitted it, you'll receive a confirmation email.  Be sure to respond to that confirmation email if they ask.  It usually says that they'll get back to you with a reply in 24 to 48 hours, so give it a couple of days and then check back.  

3)  You'll notice that the company you're applying to uses a 3rd party to do the application process from review to approval.  That tells you that you have to do the follow-up because the 3rd party is has little incentive to follow-up.  So you have to do that.  So follow up.  

4)  Once you get approval, then you'll be directed back to Ad Creative page and that's where you complete the process for their ad.  

5)  Amazingly, it is easier to do an affiliate ad with Amazon.  
On Amazon Commissions:

Amazon ad reports:

6)  Criteria for Affiliate programs

7)  Top 10 Health Affiliate programs.