Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ways of Making Money Now or Within 30 Days

1.  Sell something on eBay. 
2.  Use to sell niche websites for $100.00 to $300.00. The theme of these sites are all templated sites.  Here's what you could do:

a.  Buy and register a domain (or use one if you have some already) less than $9.00 dollars
b.  Download a clone package that some sites offer.
c.  Customize the site with a few of the plugins to generate cash
d.  Write 15 - 20 articles based on the niche
e.  List the site on for a starting bid of $100.00 with a buy-it-now of say $299.00

While the site is for sale if you used your partner IDs maybe you will make a little money and sell the site, reaching you goal after 3 sites.

3.  Offer to be someone's social media manager on a per hour basis $15 to $20 to start.
4.  Find a list of businesses in the town you're located in at

There's a pretty good chance that some of those business need some kind of help - either web site repair, YouTube videos, or even help selling some of their excess inventory on eBay.

And finally, if you strike out with the above, you can find a list of job openings in your home town at,-ID-jobs.html

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