Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Here are a few immediate ways to make money on the Internet 

-make a profile on Fiverr and sell writing, website design, logo design, Internet researching, or any other task you can do.
-do the same on Elance and odesk
-sign up for paid to blog jobs and apply to writing jobs ($30 per month)
-sign up for hiremymom.com and apply for virtual assistant jobs - simple administration tasks ($10 per month)
-go to searchtempst.com and search for writing gigs on all the Craigslist sites in the country at once

Use all of these platforms to apply to 10 small Internet jobs per day and I guarentee you will make between $500-$1000 in your first month. Maybe more! Make sure to set up a PayPal account and accept payments before you do your jobs.

This is what I do to make money and it works--it just requires a hustle!