Saturday, July 15, 2017

I've seen Clara's videos before. A friend of mine relayed them to me. And I also like the idea of establishing a legacy for those in the waning years. Hell, we're all in the waning years but just don't know it. 

A forum member wrote
interesting YouTube channel. Clara is 91 years old in the first video. Her channel has 166K subscribers, her videos have had millions of views and there's even a book. Who knew that recipes from the Great Depression would be a great niche?
Video #1

The same member added
Here she is at 95 making Italian ice. "I never thought anyone would care anything about my experiences with the world but I enjoyed very much telling them to you and I hope you enjoyed listening..." 
Video #2

The great forum member noted that
Clara passed away in 2013 at 98. I think her channel has even more viewers now than when she was alive - it just keeps on getting new subscribers. How nice to leave something behind for your family and friends (and the world) that lives on when you're gone! 
Video #3

Member concluded that
Incidentally, there are people who've made a business out of helping seniors tell their stories before they go. The perfect marriage of entrepreneurship and useful social contribution, IMHO.  
And that's all, folks!

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