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1.  Mike Long. Email:  Ling says that "Long has the best coaching program out there."  Mike Long is from Nashville, Tennessee.

2.  Mark Ling.  Best Online Affiliates. Affilorama. Affilorama. There is a phone number: 877-393-5850.  Mark has several programs.  The other is Learn Build Earn, what he affectionately refers to as the LBE.  This is his LBE Report.  One reviewer. from 2013 [a full 4 years ago] wrote this of Mark's Affilorama program:
Mark Ling’s Affilorama is one of the few which I ranked high. Though from my experience it isn’t the best program for helping you learn affiliate marketing, it’s still one of the few programs that is mostly legitimate. 
What is Affilorama?  
In a nutshell, this is a program which teaches you pretty much everything there is to know about affiliate marketing
Here is a bio on Mark Ling and the products that he's developed over the years.  Good on him. 

Okay, well the reviewer recommended Wealthy Affiliate.  Why? And who is this reviewer and what is her relationship to Wealthy Affiliate?  Okay, the reviewer's name is Vitaliy Gerschfeld.  [here is his YouTube channel].  His FB page says he's from Brooklyn.  He's a big fan of Jordan Peterson, which commends him.  So that's good. But what is his relationship to WA?  He's either a coach at Wealthy Affiliate University or he is a sponsor. Can't tell yet.  He's published 109 articles at ezine.  That's nothing to shake a stick at. Interesting.  Here he compares Wealthy Affiliate with Affilorama. He gives WA 5 stars, whereas Affilorama received only 4 stars. He's really pumping Wealthy Affiliate. 

So while Vitaliy praises Wealthy Affiliate, other reviewers do the same thing for Mark Ling's Affilorama.  Here's Alicia33 at Warrior Forums:
we have never seen something which goes in-depth into EVERY area of marketing. 
So that's something.  Then this:
A 24/7 support service, waiting to serve you and solve any issues you might have.  I have never seen anything even CLOSE to their support.  
Even Tom Woods praised Mark's program by stating that Mark's program has been around for 10 years, unheard of in the internet marketing field.  

Okay, here is Mike Long talking with a guy, Alex Gould, who made $58,000 in one month.  

What I liked about this interview is how they characterized the industry as paying it forward.  I like the concept.  I know a couple of folks in the industry, but the guys I know have never paid anything forward to me.  Ever. 

3.  Michael Cheney.  He promises $3,000/day.  So that comes to about $10,000/month.  Interesting.  His blog might be of some benefit.  His FB page.  Review of Michael Cheney.

4.  Well last night [Sunday, July 2, 2017] I had the good fortune of chatting with Haley, who gave me some terrific insights on Affiliate Marketing.  One of her first pearls was a reference to ConstantProfitsClub, an organization run by or staffed by Sara Young who Tom Woods interviewed and recommended last year.  But Haley also gave me some very, very practical insights that I will reprint here:
Give me a year and I'll let you know! For context, I'll say that last month was my best month in CPC at just over $1000k. I anticipate another good month this month along the same lines this month as my products are in peak season. I'm certain that by this time next year I'll be making triple that or better. Just depends on what your idea of success is. If a few thousand extra per month is what you're after, totally doable. If you want to become the next internet millionaire, <shrugs> possible too but not without considerable time and money invested, like any other business.
I told her that I'd preferred more specific training. And she wrote:
Understandable. And my experience is that they of course hook you with the best case scenarios.
"Joe makes $25,000 a month and lives in Tahiti!".

Yeah, sure, but what about the other 99%, where are they?

That's why I offered up my realistic perspective of my experiences. Not just me personally but of others in the group. 
And then she added this, 
$500/week in 6 months or less < 50% chance. $500/week in 6-12 months 50% chance. $500/week in 12+ months 75% chance. The success rates are more exponential than they are linear, so once you get traction, success gets easier and easier. You just have to get over the 6 - 12 month hump, not listen to self doubt, and make progress every day no matter how small.
$10k a month? Not sure, get back to me in a year!
On coaching, Haley explained:
Coaching is great. They tell you step by step how to set up sites and systems. How to set up a wordpress site, which plugins you need immediately, proprietary software they've developed to help with X, creating a community where you can get your questions answered almost immediately, a sounding board to make sure you're on the right track, letting you know EXACTLY what other resources you're going to need and be familiar with once you get up and running (analytics, link analyzers, outsourcing, etc.) Having a coach does not guarantee success. But NOT having a coach, especially for someone with little to no experience, is almost doomed to failure in all but the must extreme circumstances. Trying to figure it all out on your own is expensive and time consuming.
On Success, she told me
Success isn't guaranteed, however. I'd say keys to success are: -Picking a program that plays to your strengths. The CPC program relies heavily on content marketing and writing. If writing isn't your thing and you don't want to spend the money outsourcing, success will be limited. Don't fool yourself into thinking you can do things you can't. -Seeing the training through to the end and taking action the whole way. -Setting realistic expectations (time wise and money wise) so you don't get discouraged.
And to a small degree, luck and talent play into it. Licking out with an excellent niche pick. Talent at the game. Even some of the persistent ones just aren't talented, like the kid in high school who tries and tries for the varsity team but never makes it. Might have limited success just due to sheer perseverance but will never be a stand out.
On Groups, she gave this insight too:
Usually I just rely on other participants in the group. There's usually a private FB group or forum where you can learn from each other. I've never really been on Warrior Forum. Too noisy. But I'm sure there is help outside a forum. Might need to contact a site or company directly to resolve an issue. Or just doing other general IM research.
Perhaps the most frustrating part of any Internet Marketing program is the learning curve:
You never get the whole perspective from one program. You get a lot but there are certain things that are just beyond the scope of the program that you either need to figure out on your own (doable once you have a solid foundation in place) or get involved with another program to learn more.  
I love this because it helped to cut through the hype, one, and two, I got some insights from someone who actually does Internet Marketing.  

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