Monday, June 24, 2013

Embedding YouTube Video On Craigstlist

Here is an excellent tip from Bill Myers.  I definitely recommend that you join his site.

Even though Craigslist doesn't support embedded videos within their listings, there is an easy way to include a video. I show how in this short article.

Recent studies have shown that including a video with an ad posting on eBay increases the number of bids by almost 100%. For that reason, it makes sense to include videos in your Craigslist ads as well.

Unfortunately, at this time, Craigslist doesn't support embedded videos. But there is an easy way around that.


Step 1:  Create your video and upload to YouTube

Step 2:  Using a screen capture program, create a screen capture of the video at YouTube. It should look something like:
Step 3:  After you create the screen capture, upload it to somewhere on the web. Either your own site, or on image sharing sites.

    Optional: Create a sales page on your web site. Embed the YouTube video on that page

    When you create your Craigslist ad, include the following html:

    <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">
    <img border="0" src="http://www.YourImageLink.jpg" width="480" height="295"</a>

    In the above code, change as follows:

    YourYouTubeLink - should be the URL of either your video on YouTube or the URL of the optional sales page you created in step 3 above.

    YourImageLink - should be the url of the screen capture image from step 2.

The net result of doing the above will be what appears to be a video player within your Craigslist Ad. When it is clicked on, the player will take the visitor to either YouTube or to the sales page you create that has the video on it.

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